17 Humble Requiems for the Future – Maria Papageorgiou sings Thanos Mikroutsikos’ songs

Maria Papageorgiou’s upcoming concert is a beautiful tribute to the work of Thanos Mikroutsikos, a legendary figure in the history of Greek music. Scheduled for November 24th at the Olympia City Music Theatre “Maria Callas”, the concert promises to be a fantastic display of Maria’s unique and distinctive interpretive style. She will be performing 17 songs from Mikroutsikos’ discography, all titled “Humble Requiems for the Future”, with the belief that these songs are not only relevant to her generation but also to those that follow.

There is a wide selection of melodious tunes, each with unique appeal. Some of these songs include the soulful “Happy Song to Sylvia Plath”, the upbeat “Gammagrafia”, the serene “The Most Beautiful Sea”, the mesmerizing “Kuro Siwo”, and the thought-provoking “Rosa Luxemburg”, among many others.

“Thanos Mikroutsikos opened the door to me, too, but when I got there, he was gone.”

Maria Papageorgiou has shared her thoughts on Thanos Mikroutsikos and the concert on November 24: “Whenever I have the privilege and responsibility to engage with the work of great artists from my own perspective and interpretation, a fundamental question arises within me. What are the key elements that I should emphasize, convey, and amplify through my reading? Which emotions and sentiments should I allow to flow through my mind and veins, which meanings should I reiterate with my voice, and which ones should I express loudly like a slogan or softly like a whisper in the ear?

Thanos Mikroutsikos was a remarkable and versatile artist whose work transcended borders and had a strong sense of unity. He composed music about the struggles of iconic individuals, and his songs were performed by singers who poured their hearts into every note. His music brought together a community of artists who saw the world in a unique way. Even the cover versions of his songs, directed by him, helped to expand this community of artists. Through their art, they inspired faith and hope in a more compassionate, romantic, and equitable world.

“Thanos Mikroutsikos opened the door to me, too, but when I got there, he was gone.”

With the unwavering support of the artist’s team, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through his work. As I immersed myself in his discography, I found my answer in “17 Humble Requiems for the Future”. These pieces are a testament to the unbreakable thread that connects all of humanity. I chose them purely out of admiration and my belief that they are relevant not just for my generation but for all those that follow.

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