Public space, the functional and ever-evolving space of citizens, encompasses various concepts and complex aspects. The citizens’ needs and concerns have always been expressed through art, so its role has always been catalytic.

As a means of expression, statement and communication, art reflects the signs of times. It contributes to collective memory and identity formation and diffuses aesthetic, mental and intellectual stimuli. Art in public space promotes dialogue and interaction between space and time, the individual and the collective, and the artist and the public.

In the context of its three-year project on Culture, the Municipality of Athens continues its support art on public space. First of all, it seeks to preserve and bring to viw the existing art by restoring and relocating sculptures that have to be removed due to the works for Line 4 of the Athens Metro. Yet, wishing to encourage contemporary artistic creation, it exploits the visual dimension of public space with the public murals programme for the second year. The building facades become the canvas for young artists, whose works, beyond the aesthetic outcome, stipulate contemplation, bring back memories, and raise awareness on issues related to aesthetics, history or everyday life, thus giving food for thought to passers-by in an environment which, in other respects may be mundane. With an uplifting mood, we aim to replace the gloomy grey of the neighbourhoods with colours and creativity.

In 2022, more actions will see the light of day, stimulating the interplay between urban landscapes and contemporary artistic expression.

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