A joy ride by taxi in the brightly decorated Christmas City for the Athens Nursing Home residents and members of the Friendship Clubs

The City of Athens organized an original evening tour in the brightly decorated Athens for the residents of the Athens Nursing Home and members of the Friendship ClubsMore than 120 individuals, who have difficulty going out, travelling and having fun, went around the City by taxi to enjoy its Christmas decorations. The initiative, implemented in collaboration with the Association of Attica Taxi Drivers sand the online show “TAXINOMOI” allowed our elderly fellow citizens to enjoy -the first days of the year- a memorable, joyful ride. 

More than 70 taxi drivers participated in the event picking up the participants from three different points. They drove them through the City’s main streets, such as VasilissisSofias, Panepistimiou, Omonia Square, and Stadiou, ending up in the glamorously decorated Syntagma Square. The taxis were accompanied by motorcyclists of the Athens municipal police.

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, stated on the occasion: “These people are our grandmothers and grandfathers, our roots and ‘wings’. In the City of Athens, we care about them and try to take care of them throughout the year, not just on festive days. Our primary concern is that no one feels alone, without support and solidarity. Our Friendship Clubs are full of people with a zest for life, giving us a valuable lesson. For this joyous ride, the contribution of SATA and the taxi drivers of Athens was essential. We thank them very much for making their vehicles available for such a noble cause. We will definitely do it again!”

Deputy Mayor of Social Solidarity and Civil Society, KaterinaGagaki, said: “It is true that Athens was exceptionally decorated this year. Its glow and beauty, however, belong to everyone, not only those who can enjoy it every day by going to work or for a walk with their family. So today, we opened up our glamorous City to those who most need our warm thoughts, love, care and respect, the people who raised us.” 

These holy days, the City of Athens tries to support more the people in need, whom it cares for and empowers throughout the year through its services. Every day of the year, the aim is to continue to offer an even more enormous hug, a protection umbrella to all vulnerable groups and, of course, the elderly.

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