Industrial Gas Museum

βιομηχανικό μουσείο φωταερίου

The Industrial Gas Museum launched in 2013 at Technopolis aims to showcase an essential part of the city’s recent history, the old Athens Gasworks, a unique historical site, which provided the capital with energy and lighting for 130 years. The production line and the museum route are complemented by new technologies, interactive applications and 3D projections, combined with historical documents, design representations of the mechanical equipment and rich audio-visual material.

This rare – for the European standards- industrial monument, the only one that preserves all its mechanical equipment in situ, has been transformed into an integral, organic part of the city, having opened its doors to the public with events and activities for everyone: temporary exhibitions, theatrical performances, hackathons, educational programs, sleepovers, late-night happenings and interactive tours.

The Industrial Gas Museum, from the beginning of its operation, having as a priority the creative learning of young and old, organizes, throughout the year, a series of original educational programs, workshops and guided tours for everyone: children, teenagers, adults, families and schools.

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