Summer Cinema AB

The famous Patissia neighbourhood is eventually revived, as the historic summer cinema, AB opened again after 30 years. The cinema closed back in 1990 when the imposing two-storey mansion on Theotokopoulou Street housing it was sold. In 2005, the Municipality of Athens purchased the entire property in order to save a jewel of the city’s urban history and give it back to the neighbourhood and its residents.

The Summer Cinema and the neighbouring Klonaridis-Fix Park, which has been completely redesigned, create two reference points for residents and visitors in the broader area of Patissia.

The beautiful and impressive “Theotokopoulos Mansion” and the adjacent Cinema AB got a new, bright life, making the area residents smile again. Being part of their memories, the elderly residents of the neighbourhood feel happy that a local landmark was brought back to life for the present and future generations to enjoy.

At the same time, the emblematic FIX park, which was recently transformed into a modern sustainable urban park, with structure and planting based on international trends in landscape architecture and environmental design, marks the upgrading of the neighbourhood, making it a significant “Green Lung”, offering “breaths of fresh air” to the people of the densely populated area of Patissia.

Today, the restored Cinema AB has once again become a living reference point of culture. For a whole month, the area residents, young and old, will be able to enjoy memorable summer nights full of music, dance and theatrical performances.

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