Innovathens is a modern, open space for fostering new entrepreneurship and developing digital skills. It is the meeting point for people with innovative ideas who want to turn them into business opportunities. Furthermore, it is a vibrant organisation to meet the modern and ever-changing cognitive needs of people seeking employment in an increasingly demanding environment.

To achieve the above, Innovathens brings together business advisors, entrepreneurs, prospective investors, academics, researchers and qualified mentors who consistently and professionally offer their services.

The various forms of education and training, information and advisory support (seminars and workshops, specialised presentations and events, exhibitions

and festivals, competitions and hackathons) offered by Innovathens  create opportunities for networking and collaborations among all innovation and business actors.

Innovathens was created in 2014 with public funding through the NSRF,  the strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics Hellas, a leading global high-tech product development company, the collaboration of Athens Synergies, six business

associations representing over 350 innovative and outward-looking businesses in

Athens, and the significant contribution of selected academics.

It is conveniently located in the heart of the city, operating in one of the old Gasholders of Athens, in Gazi, suitably converted to cover its needs. The premises are

organically integrated into the activities of the Technopolis City of Athens.

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