The Serafio City of Athens is a unique Sports, Culture and Innovation complex of 3.500 m2 that includes exemplary sports and cultural facilities and hosts the City of Athens Innovation Hub.

Serafio welcomes young and adults, visitors and residents, institutions and associations, contributing substantially to the residents’ quality of life. At the same time, it hosts many different social and cultural activities, open workshops and technological and social innovation initiatives.

The sports facilities include a state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool complex with two swimming pools, an indoor basketball training facility, and open courts (1 for tennis, 3 for basketball, and 1 for Five a side football). Moreover, the site hosts an exemplary playground for children of all ages, with play areas and access for people with disabilities.

The Serafion building is home to the City of Athens Innovation Hub (This is Athens, Athens Digital Lab, Maker Space, Athens Film Office, I.T. Services and I.T. Consulting). It has modern public infrastructure – an exhibition area of 800 sq.m., an R&D (research and development) venue and a T.E.C. (technology, engineering, creation) venue that hosts activities, exhibitions and events from Institutions, Foundations, Businesses and Schools.

Our goal is to welcome residents and visitors every day in an open, accessible space that constantly evolves along with their needs, presenting a modern vision for a sustainable and accessible city.

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