Athens 9.84

αθήνα 984

Athens 9.84, the City Radio

Athens 9. 84 was the first non-state radio station in Greece. It began its operation on May 31, 1987. Since then, it has been producing and broadcasting non-stop informative, cultural, economic and sports radio content, meeting the challenges of times and the needs of society. It was, is and will be the official station of the city.

It updates its music and songs daily, combines information with culture, supports the arts, promotes small and large scale events, reaches every neighbourhood, and embraces the efforts and initiatives of groups and individuals in research, innovation, entrepreneurship and society.

Athina 9.84 broadcasts live 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. No playlist! It focuses on immediate, objective and factual information and organises artistic, musical and theatrical events. It broadcasts interviews with politicians, academics, professionals, athletes, young creators, performers and artists. It goes around the city, creating pop up studios and broadcasting live from Museums, Cultural Centres, Theatres, Music Stages, squares, streets, open spaces, schools and universities. He hosts celebrity guests in its studios. Moreover, it organises, produces, and broadcasts original concerts, theatre performances, or other cultural events. It collaborates and promotes activities and events of institutions, organisations, museums and independent groups active in the city.

Athina 9. 84 is the City Radio.

Tune in!

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