Factories “join forces” to celebrate European Heritage Days

Three industrial and cultural sites of the Municipality of Athens join forces to offer educational activities for free.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

For a limited number of participants

What do the old gasworks, a silk and a hat factory, have in common? The European Heritage Days 2022 will celebrate Sustainable Heritage from September 23 to 25. Hence, three iconic cultural sites of the Municipality of Athens with an emblematic industrial past join forces to offer educational activities and prove that synergies among cultural institutions drive sustainability.

In this context, the Industrial Gas Museum, housed in the old gasworks that supplied the capital with light and energy for more than 120 years, the City of Athens Art Gallery, which operated as a silk factory, naming the area Metaxourgeio, and the City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”, housed in the oldest hat factory of Athens, the Poulopoulos Hat Factory, better known as Pil-Poul, invite everybody to a unique historical journey into our industrial heritage, offering several educational activities for free.

The activities will take place on Sunday, September 25,  at11.00 at the City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina” and the City of Athens Art Gallery. At the same time, the Industrial Gas Museum will temporarily move to the two sites mentioned above, presenting photographs and archival material, while its educators will enlighten us all with information about the history and operation of the Athens Gasworks factory.

Participants will attend an art storytelling workshop, a hat-making workshop and a historical walk, creatively discovering the background of the three monuments that played an essential role in the country’s industrialization, changing the country’s course. They will also learn how these three sites were transformed into living cultural venues, open to the public, and fully integrated into the city’s urban fabric.

Are you ready to roll?

The activities at a glance:

City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina” (in cooperation with the Industrial Gas Museum)

The fox who became… a milliner!

Educational programme for families with children from 4 to 7 years old

What do silk, light and hats have in common? The City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina” team welcomes the Industrial Gas Museum team of experts to offer a fun art storytelling workshop for children inspired by the first hat factory and the first power plant in Greece. First, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the adventures of a fox who wanted to become a milliner and was very afraid of the dark! Then, they will discover the different types of hats and be introduced to various materials (some of which resemble silk!) while they will be invited to make their original hat!

*The story is based on the fairy tale “The Milliner  Fox” by Tsoroni Georgiadis Yolanda, Savvalas Publishers.


Start Time: 11.00  

Duration: 60′

Venue: City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”, 66A Herakleidon & Thessalonikis streets, Thiseio 

Reservations: 210-3452150 (Monday-Friday, 10.00-14.00)

City of Athens Art Gallery

Sustainability stories, cultural spaces with… a factory DNA

First stop: City of Athens Art Gallery 

Historical walk for all

The City of Athens Art Galleryis organizing an exciting historical walk in the area, during which visitors will have the opportunity to see rich photographic material, taking a journey through time to Metaxourgeio of the past and present! Exciting stories will unfold, holding the interest of the participants. During the walk, information will be shared about the old gasworks in Gazi and the Poulopoulos Hat Factory that today house the Industrial Gas Museum and the City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”, respectively. The two neighbouring factories will temporarily move to Metaxourgeio through photographs and rich archival material.


Start time: 11.00 

Duration: 60′

Venue: City of Athens Art Gallery (Building B, Leonidou & Myllerou streets, Metaxourgeio)

Reservations: 210 5202420-1 (Monday-Friday, 10.00-14.00)

Wings made of silk

Art workshop for children from 4 to 7 years old

How coal, gas and art are connected? Can wings be used for time travel? Through an art workshop, youngsters will become familiar with mixed media techniques, experiment with different materials and make their own wings! With our wings, we will travel through time and history and learn things about three factories linked to the life of the city of Athens.


Start Time:11.00 

 Duration: 60′ 

Venue: City of Athens Art Gallery (Building B, Leonidou & Myllerou streets, Metaxourgeio

Reservations: 210 5202420-1 (Monday-Friday, 10.00-14.00)

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