Gospel returned to Athens to redo his masterpiece mural at the 133rd elementary school after it was vandalized.
δημοτικό σχολείο αθηνών
The pioneering Public Murals program of the Municipality of Athens continues throughout 2022 to give exceptional public murals and Street Art masterpieces.
γυμναστικός σύλλογος αθήνα
8 well-known street artists have created a unique work of art on a wall surface of 1.100 square meters.
The famous artwork of Kostas Varotsos was created in 1988 and, upon its presentation, became a matter of debate among the art critics and the audience until finally becoming one of the most iconic works in the public space of...
The iconic sculpture by George Zongolopoulos is 15 metres high and consists of five cycles placed in crosswise arranged frames. Made of stainless steel in 2001, when the sculptor was 100 years old, it was initially destined to move through...
αλέξανδρος υψηλάντης ταφικό μνημείο
The tomb is the only example of a “sleeping” male figure on a sarcophagus in Greece. The classical type monument is attributed to the sculptor Leonidas Drosis (1834 or 1836 or 1843 – 1882), created around 1869. In 1964, It...
ελλάς τον βύρωνα
The sculpture ” Greece Crowning Lord Byron”, which caused several reactions in its time, is the work of three sculptors, Henri Michel Antoine Chapu (1833-1891), Jean Alexandre Joseph Falquiere (1831-1900), and Lazaros Sochos (1859-1911), who completed it. It has been...
θεόδωρος κολοκοτρώνης
The Bronze Equestrian Statue of Theodore Kolokotronis is located outside the National History Museum and was created by the great Tinian sculptor Lazaros Sochos (1862-1911). It was placed in Athens in 1904, while an identical sculpture in Nafplio was placed...
μέγας αλέξανδρος
The monumental Equestrian Statue of Alexander the Great was created by the sculptor Yiannis Pappas (1913-2005) in 1992 and has suffered a lot until, in 2019, eventually being placed at the junction of Vasilissis Olgas and Vasilissis Amalia’s avenues.
The ” Discus thrower” is a work of the mature period of the sculptor Kostas Dimitriadis (1881-1943). It was created in 1924 and won the 1st sculpture prize at the Olympic Games of the same year in France. The original...
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