Open Call: Be a “part” of the Kypseli Municipal Market history

Do you have memories related to the past of the Kypseli Municipal Market? Do you remember anything about the area around it? Did you ever have a… “date at the FokionosNegri Street”? Have you ever attended a performance at the Rialto? Do you have a memento, object or photograph linked to the social and commercial activity of the Market?

The museological team of the Industrial Gas Museum of the Technopolis City of Athens is planning a permanent historical exhibition entitled “Kypseli Municipal Market – Voices | People | Stories” in the building of the Kypseli Municipal Market, reviving the history of a venue that left its indelible imprint on the area and the culture of the time, and continues to be a reference point for the neighbourhood and the city at large. Through valuable archival material, the historical journey of the Kypseli Municipal Market from its foundation in 1937 until 2003, when it closed down, will be presented in an effort to highlight its importance to the area and the people associated with it as the “pieces” of its history puzzle: architects, area residents, traders, consumers and passers-by.

The exhibition will be inaugurated in 2023, paying homage to the venue and the greater area of Kypseli.

Be a “part” of history.

If you have information, old photosobjectsstoriesmemories and/or any kind of audiovisual material related to the history and operation of the Kypseli Municipal Market and its relationship with the area (1937-2003), please get in touch with the people of the Industrial Gas Museum until February 28, 2023, and become “part” of history!

Contact details:

Industrial Gas Museum, Technopolis City of Athens

Tel: 2130109325/2130109300 (Monday-Friday, 11:00-17:00) 


Contact persons: Maria Florou & Georgia Lazarou

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