Open Call: Business Accelerator Innovathens. Digital transformation

Friday, January 27, 2023 – Friday, February 17, 2023

What is Digital Transformation

The term Digital Transformation encompasses all those changes that a company must adopt in order to exploit the advantages offered by the Internet, digital media and new technologies. It is a continuous process that broadens a company’s horizons, contributes to its modernization and better operation, and creates new opportunities in existing and/or new markets while requiring continuous staff training and particular infrastructure.

Digital Transformation Key Technologies 

· Mobile technology services

· Cloud technologies

· Data analysis

· Internet of Things

· Robotics and automation

· 3D printing

· Artificial intelligence (AI)

· Cybersecurity

New Opportunities for Business

Digital technologies create new opportunities for businesses, paving the way for:

· Integration of the needs and preferences of potential users into their 

production and development processes.

· Continuous quality improvement of their products and/or services by avoiding mistakes in the production process.

· Transparency and flexibility enhancement in all business operations.

· Job creation

Businesses desiring to enjoy digital transformation need to acquire the relevant knowledge and necessary skills at all levels that will allow them to shape a working environment familiar with digital reality and its numerous possibilities.

At the same time, digital transformation creates opportunities for new entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative schemes to engage businesswise with new ideas production related to digital transformation tools or utilize these ideas to improve and modernize their processes or optimize the products and services they offer.

The adoption of new technologies varies depending on the size, age and stage of business development:

· Larger companies seem to have a clear advantage when adopting (new) technologies.

· Small and medium-sized enterprises mainly use social networks (49%) and e-commerce (to a limited extent).

· New businesses, having digital in their DNA, are much more flexible vis a vis new technologies.

The integration of more sophisticated digital technologies remains, however, still relatively low in our country. Thus, our program will offer updated knowledge about modern digital tools and their implementation methodologies. Additionally, it will try to adjust to the participants’ individual needs.

Deficiencies and opportunities

A key obstacle to the digital transformation of Greek businesses is the need for more technical skills and digital infrastructure.

Businesses can use many additional technological opportunities, such as the expansion and internationalization of e-commerce, cloud services, automation, AI technologies, etc. At the same time, the program will attempt to bridge the gap in essential business functions such as project management, strategic planning, and marketing with an H2H (Human to Human) mentality and communication with users, human resource management and, in general, the internal operation of businesses.

Why participate in Innovathens Accelerator?

In the light of the above, our program is designed to cover the four areas of development and actions of an existing or under establishment business, namely:

· Organizational culture

· Vision and digital transformation strategy

· IT infrastructure and level of digital experience

· Organizational issues

The thematic program is designed around practical issues related to the implementation of digital transformation so that following a 3-month training, counseling and personalized mentoring, companies are led to produce an optimal methodology and actions scenario for business development.

If you are interested in participating in INNOVATHENS Business Accelerator, which will run from March to June 2022, please, submit your application from January 27 to February 17, 2023!

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