All Athens is a stage

All Athens is a Stage

July 1 to August 4, 2023

59 Events

35 Days

30 Neighborhoods

Saturday, July 1, 2023:
21:00| Nathaniel Square, Agios Eleftherios
“Two friends from the old days”
Concert. Christos Papadopoulos and Giorgos Sarris bring to mind beloved songs that have been enjoyed by various generations since the 1980s up to the present day.

Sunday, July 2, 2023
21:00| Eleftherias Square 
“Chica Almodóvar”

Musical performance. A journey into the cinematic universe of Pedro Almodóvar.

Eva Thomopoulou (singer), Duo Capriccioso (Athanasia Nikolakopoulou: guitar, and Cleopatra Kyrtata: flute) and Giannis Efstathopoulos (percussion).

21:00| Penelope Delta Square, Ellinoroson  neighbourhood
“Tribute to Popular Songs”
Concert. Kostis Christou and Eleni Roda perform their preferred popular songs from classic Greek cinema to modern times.

Monday, July 3, 2023

21:00| Dionysiou Areopagitou & Byronos Streets, Plaka
“From the 80s… to rock of our future”

Concert.Experience a retrospective on the Greek pop-rock scene of the 80s and 90s through the musical perspective of MME BAND.

21:00| Laconias Square, Ampelokipi
“Women’s Affair”
Tina Trakou, along with Gianna Zianni and Vicky Marra, honors the most influential Greek singers.

Tuesday July 4, 2023

21:00| Archaeological Museum (courtyard)
“By the sea”
Pavlina Voulgaraki, Violeta Ikari, Pantelis Kymargios, Thanos Matzilis, and Eleanna Varelas are teaming up with the “Rhythmos” Orchestra and the “Rhythmos” Vocal Ensemble to perform a mix of their personal favorite songs and well-known classics.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

21:00| Plyta Square, Pangrati
” A walk in the city”

Join Nicole Saravakou, a talented songwriter and performer, on a musical journey through the city. Experience her original creations and the works of other incredible artists.

21:00| Lambrini Square
“Let’s sing together”

Experience a rich musical program with artistic, folk, and traditional songs, as well as new compositions by the talented songwriter Isidoros Pateros. Isidoros will be performing with the musical group “Charisma” and will be joined by Anna Maria Nicolaides (singing, percussion), Haroula Nicolaides (piano, vocals), and Stelios Nicolaides.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

21:00| Papa Diamanti Square, Ano Patisia

Concert. The music of Manolis Kontaros and his orchestra is a beautiful reminder of traditional folk and Cretan songs.

21:00| Agios Georgios Square, Kypseli
“Root of Light”
Musical performance.  Panos Bousalis specializes in exploring the vast world of Greek traditional music, which serves as a foundational source for many renowned Greek composers and is reflected in their musical compositions.

Friday, July 7, 2023

21:00 | Agios Pavlos Square, Metaxourgeio
” Greek Cinema Dance Songs “

Concert. Relive the nostalgic bliss of Greek cinema’s most joyful songs, transporting you back to the golden days of your youth. This exclusive event boasts the presence of the esteemed singer and actress, Eleni Tsagaraki, as our special guest.

Saturday July 8, 2023

21:00| Petrino Votanikou (58 Spyrou Patsi Str.)
“An armful of songs”
Experience the captivating power of Greek folk music with Elena Giorgou Potamoulas and her talented band, which includes Dimitris Fragkiadakis on guitar and vocals and Stefanos Baklavas on bouzouki and vocals. This enchanting evening is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the rich cultural history of Greek songs. Take advantage of this unforgettable musical journey!

21:00| Konistra Stadium, Petralona
“Tribute to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Theodoros Polykandriotis”
Concert.  Spyros Polykandriotis is honouring the 100th birth anniversary of the renowned songwriter, composer, and teacher Theodoros Polykandriotis at 42 Ippothontidon Street in Petralona.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

21:00| Dexameni Square, Kolonaki
Concert.  Get ready to dance the night away with The Wedding Singers! They’ll have you grooving to all your favorite 90s hits at a high-energy party.

20:30| Eleftherias Square (Koumoundourou)
“Nefeles” by Aristophanes

The Young Quill group, led by Aikaterini Papageorgiou, has adapted a theatrical performance suitable for the entire family, including children and adolescents.

Monday, July 10, 2023

20:30| Garden of the City of Athens Central Library,. Larissa Station

“Karagiozis the pacifist”

Shadow theatre. Nikolas Tzivelekis shares his thoughts on friendship, peace, and the environment through the character Karagiozis.

21:00| Atrium of the Benaki Museum (138 Pireos Str.)
“An Evening at the Opera”

Concert. Experience the exceptional performance of the City of Athens Symphony Orchestra featuring the renowned soloist Filippos Modinos under the direction of the highly acclaimed music director Byron Fidetzis.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

21:00| Archaeological Museum (courtyard)
“Tribute to Bob Dylan”

Experience a live performance at the Mara Karetsos Center for Arts and Science.


21:00| Thymarakia Square
“Under the Light of Songs”

Concert.  Nikos Androulakis effortlessly evokes the timeless melodies of iconic Greek composers and poets and skillfully showcases Crete’s vibrant musical legacy while presenting his own compelling and unique compositions.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

21:00| Lamprakis Hill, Neos Kosmos

Concert. The City of Athens, Greek Music Workshop, showcases compositions by famous Greek artists such as Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Xarchakos, and Dionysis Savvopoulos. The music is directed and orchestrated by Angelos Ilias.

20:30| Kolonos Theatre
“The Miser”

You must not miss the “Daydreaming” theatrical group’s performance that caters to the whole family. This timeless and humorous play is packed with action and emotions appealing to everyone.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“The balcony” by Jean Genet
Experience the theatrical masterpiece created by Jean Genet, brought to life by the Theatrinon Theates theatrical group under the direction of Giorgos Livanos and the creative vision of Leia Vitali.

21:00| Nathaniel Square, Agios Eleftherios
“80 ‘s-90’s party”
Concert. We will be treated to an endless dance party featuring two of our favourite singers, Kostas Bigalis and Polina, who are sure to mesmerize us.

Friday July 14, 2023

20:30| Kolonos Theatre
“The boy with the suitcase” by Mike Kenny
Enjoy a family-friendly theatrical performance directed by Alexandros Cohen that explores the critical issue of refugees and the impact on children through humour and poetry. This timely work brings attention to a pressing matter engaging and poignant way..

21:00| Open Air Theatre of Grava
“The Tango of Life”
Concert. Join Zoe Tiganouria on a musical journey spanning 20 years, where she will showcase her own compositions, as well as songs and covers performed by Anna Katsouli and Anna Bilili.

Saturday July 15, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“Folk Songs of a lifetime”

Concert. Dimitris Kanellos and Polyxeni Karakoglou perform memorable folk songs.

20:30| | Open Air Theatre of Grava
“The Star- Child” by Oscar Wilde
Giorgos Fratzeskakis has adapted and directed a theatrical performance suitable for the entire family. It is a touching fairy tale highlighting the importance of love, respect, kindness, forgiveness, charity, and the beauty of one’s soul rather than physical appearance.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“He & He» by Kostas Mourselas

Enjoy a theatrical performance featuring Giorgos Konstantinou and Alexandros Rigas in a comedy described as “rebel” and “vagabond.”

20:30| Open Air Theatre of Grava
“The boy who talked to the birds”
Enjoy an exceptional, family-friendly theater production, skillfully crafted and directed by Giorgos Fratzeskakis, featuring an incredible musical journey through the timeless hits of Stavros Kougioumtzis.

Monday, July 17, 2023

20:30| Garden of the City of Athens Central Library, Larissa Station
“The Emperor’s New Clothes”
 by Hans Christian Andersen

Enjoy a family-friendly theatre production, adapted and directed by Thodoris Katsikaloudis, that includes plenty of comedic moments and teaches valuable lessons about finding genuine happiness.

21:00| Open Air Theatre of Grava
“ShakesBeeries” – “Shakespeare and experiences”Music and
Join us for an incredible dance performance by Giorgos Makris, with the amazing guest star appearance of Markos Lezes.

Tuesday July 18, 2023

21:00| Santarosa Square

The explosive 1550 with Dimitris Starovas

Join us for a one-of-a-kind evening in the city centre featuring 1550 and their electrifying live performances, led by the talented Dimitris Starovas.

21:00| Open Air Theatre of Grava
“The Woman of Guernica
Experience a captivating theatrical performance by Polina Gionaki that brings to life the tumultuous events of Paris, the Spanish Civil War, and the German occupation. Through the perspective of Dora Marr, Picasso’s muse and immortalized subject of his anti-war masterpiece “Guernica”, witness a story of love, passion, and art intertwined with the historical events of the time.

Wednesday July 19, 2023

21:00| Nathaniel Square, Agios Eleftherios
“Body and salt”
A music party with Bessie Argyraki and  Tolis Papadimitriou.

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“The Shadow of Mart” by Stig Dagermann
The Argo Theatre’s latest production showcasing Emilia Ypsilanti, directed by Chryssa Kapsouli and translated by Margarita Melberg, is an unmissable and captivating theatrical experience.

Thursday July 20, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“Marriage” by Nikolai Gogol

Alberto Eskenazi’s theatrical performance from the Mediterranean Theatre is a subversive comedy that provides a much-needed oasis of laughter during these gloomy times. The performance has been expertly adapted and directed, showcasing Eskenazi’s exceptional skills in the field.

21:00| Fokionos Negri and Tenedou Streets  
Concert.Kostas Livadas and Andriana Babali are thrilled to share their beloved songs with us in Kypseli. Get ready to feel the energy, connect emotionally, and sing along together with them.

Friday, July 21, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“The Art of the Big Band!”

Concert. Experience the expertly arranged jazz compositions by renowned composers and orchestrators performed by the City of Athens Big Band.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“TANGO in Kolonos”

Concert.  Experience a unique Concerto Grosso as the City of Athens Symphony Orchestra collaborates with the quintet TANGartO. The orchestra’s strings will be joined by soprano Myrsini Margariti and dancers Eftychia Tsiamoura, Michalis Souvleris, Katerina Skouteli, and Ariel Perez. The music editing, adaptations, and orchestrations are done by Thomas Kontogeorgis, under the direction of Konstantinos Terzakis.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“The Odd Couple” by Neil Simon

Lefteris Plaskovitis, the director of the Municipal Theatre of Kozani, is proud to present a theatrical performance that joyously celebrates both individuality and companionship.

21:00| Ag. Dimitrios Square, Ampelokipi
“Tribute to Manos Eleftheriou”

  A music event with the Greek Art Music Ensemble EMMELON.

Monday, July 24, 2023

21:00| Lampraki Hill, Neos Kosmos
“Songs of Greece”
Concert. Nadia Karagianni celebrates the wealth of diversity in Greek music by showcasing the masterpieces of renowned Greek composers, poets, and lyricists through her performance.

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
Leonie est
 en avance ou Le Mal joli” by Georges Feydeau

Georges Feydeau’s one-act comedy was directed by Tasos Pyrgieris, demonstrating an exceptional instance of French comedy.

Tuesday July 25, 2023

20:30| Kalliga Square, Kato Patisia
“Zoo Sound”
Enjoy a family-friendly music performance by Giorgos Christodoulou featuring lovely children’s songs inspired by animals.

20:30| Longinos Grove, Mets
“Karagiozis the teacher”

Shadow Theater.  Bullying is powerfully addressed in a performance by the Tasos Georgiou Shadow Company.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

21:00| Messolonghiou Square, Pagrati

Concert.  Eleni Peta is embarking on a musical journey featuring fresh takes on her well-known tracks. Joining her are the multifaceted vocals and guitar stylings of Giorgos Limakis and Konstantinos Mitropoulos, two highly skilled guitar soloists who will perform alongside her.

Thursday 27 July 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theater
“Ay, Carmela!” by José Sánchez Sinisterra

 The THEARTES Theatrical Society delivers a powerful performance directed by Konstantinos Kyriakou that boldly stands as a manifesto against barbarism. This production artfully balances sensitivity and humour to captivate its audience.

21:00| Ellinoroson Stadium
“The four legends of rock all inclusive”
Concert. Lakis Papadopoulos, Yannis Giokarinis, Nikos Ziogalas, and Yannis Miliokas are four highly dedicated rock music aficionados who relentlessly pursue the genre’s sounds and electrify crowds with their dynamic performances.

Friday July 28, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“Luna Nera “
Enjoy a theatrical performance featuring Nikoleta Vlavianou and Spyros Bibilas. This macabre comedy is filled with entertaining stories inspired by “The Decameron” of Boccaccio. The show is directed based on the principles of Commedia dell’arte, a popular comedy genre prevalent in Europe since the 16th century.

Saturday July 29, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“Iakovos Kambanellis in the Neighbourhood of his Songs”

Join us for a music-theatre production honouring the life and work of a renowned playwright of modern Greek theatre, presented by the BOHEM Theatre Group and the City of Athens Gravas Friendship Club Choir. The BOHEM Team, consisting of Giannis Bogris and Loukia Lagou, will collaborate with Choir Director Zafeirios Koutelieris and Art Director Georgia Paraskeva, accompanied by pianist Christos Koutelieris.

21:00| Lampraki Hill
“On The Road Again

Concert.  Join the ROCK ALARM band as Nektarios Sfyrakis takes us on a tour of the international and local rock music scene.

Sunday July 30, 2023

20:30| Kolonos Theater
” Grandmother Smyrna” by Hyacinthus Mainas
The Poreia Theater presents a children’s theatrical performance directed by Koralia Tsogkas. Through the character of Grandmother Smyrna and her fairy tales, young audience members can learn about the culture, civilization, tradition, and heroes of Asia Minor. The actors will also play instruments and sing live, traditional songs from Smyrna and Asia Minor.

20:30| Gravas Theater
“Noah’s Ark travels with Karagiozis”
Experience a must-see, interactive musical show perfect for the whole family, featuring the talented Thanasis Viskadourakis as Noah and the Spyropoulos Family’s Karagiozis. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable theatrical performance.

With the support of the Region of Attica and EDSNA.

Monday July 31, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“The Dream of a Ridiculous Man” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Experience a captivating theatrical performance featuring Dimitris Verikios in a sensational monologue directed by Takis Chrysikakos.

21:00| Victoria Square
“Tango Greco”
Experience an awe-inspiring music and dance performance showcasing the City of Athens Choir, the Mandolinata of Exarchia-Neapolis “Dionysios Lavragas,” and the Athens Estudiantina. This remarkable display features the exceptional talents of Anna Matsouka, Babis Tsertos, Konstantinos Tzemos, and Christos Amvrazis, with Apollon Kouskoumbekakis as the music director. You cannot afford to miss out on this sensational show!

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theatre
“A fool and a half”
 by Dimitris Psathas

Giorgos Fratzeskakis expertly directs a captivating theatrical performance, skillfully incorporating music editing to enhance the experience. The talented cast, consisting of Makis Patelis, Thodoris Romanidis, Natassa Kotsovou, Efi Rassia, Vasiliki Angeli, Renia Spiliou, Konstantinos Ravniotopoulos, Alexandros Theodoropoulos, Antonis Argyros, and Odysseas Stamoulis as the court president, brings their exceptional skills to the stage to deliver a truly memorable show.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

21:00| Kolonos Theater
“I Pepikomeni” by Alexandros Papadiamantis
 Eleni Fotopoulou has directed a music-theatre performance that skillfully depicts the August pilgrimage adventure of our prominent short-story writer in the Skiathos countryside, complete with encounters with locals, hauntings, and island traditions. The performance incorporates Skiathian music by Tasos Fotopoulos.

Thursday, August 3, 2023
21:00| Filopappou Square (Gennaiou Kolokotroni and Agnanton Streets)

“Michalis Cacoyannis, repérage

Join us for a screening of the classic film “The Wastrel,” written and directed by Michalis Cacoyannis and features a talented international cast, including Elli Lambeti and Aldo Fabrizi. This 1961 film is an excellent example of a co-production between Italy and Greece. Additionally, we will have a photography exhibition showcasing scenes from the making of Cacoyannis’ films, accompanied by soundtracks from his movies. This event is organized in partnership with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

Friday, August 4, 2023

21:00| “Mikis Theodorakis” Park (Iera Odos and Piraeus Streets)
“Tango Greco”
Experience an awe-inspiring music and dance performance showcasing the City of Athens Choir, the Mandolinata of Exarchia-Neapolis “Dionysios Lavragas,” and the Athens Estudiantina. This remarkable display features the exceptional talents of Anna Matsouka, Babis Tsertos, Konstantinos Tzemos, and Christos Amvrazis, with Apollon Kouskoumbekakis as the music director. You cannot afford to miss out on this sensational show!


Kolonos Theatre

Ioanninon & Kapaneos Streets,Kolonos

Access to Kolonos Theatre:

Metro Line 2: Sepolia  Station & Larissa Station

Bus Lines: 057 (Kallipoleos, Electra stops), A13 (Armonia stop), A10 and B10 (Domokos stop) Trolley Line: 12 (Armonia stop) & 1 (Domokos stop)

Open Air Theatre of Grava
60 Taygetou Str, Grava

Access to Open Air Theatre of Grava:

Metro Line 1: Kato Patisia Station
Bus lines: 054 (Gravas Schools stop), 608 (Ag. Loukas stop), 622 (Taygetou stop) & A8 (Ag. Lucas stop)
Trolley Lines: 3, 5 & 11 (Ag. Lukas stop)

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