Eleftherias Park: Free entrance events at the City of Athens Book Space

The Athens Book Space, the new modern reading, meeting and events space focusing on the book in the renewed Eleftherias Park, after its successful launch with the Athens Routes and the sold-out event featuring Dimitris Stefanakis, is now offering free happenings for everyone to enjoy.

Parent-Adolescent Relationships with child psychologist Alexandra Kappatou

Friday, October 20, at 19.00

If you’re looking for an insightful event to attend, mark your calendars for Friday, October 20, at 19:00. The Athens Book Space and Minoas Editions are co-organising a discussion on Parent-Adolescent Relationships with the renowned child psychologist and writer Alexandra Kappatou. Alexandra Kappatou is the author of several best-selling books, including “Raise Happy Children” (2020) and “Trust Teens, Trust Life!” (2019). The event is organised on the occasion of her latest book, “Parents Make a Difference!” published by Minoas Editions, offering an excellent opportunity for parents to learn from an expert on how to strengthen their relationship with their adolescent children.

Alexandra Kappatou will answer questions explaining and analysing the issues that arise from a child’s conception to the stage before puberty. She will cover various topics such as prenatal care, child development, nutrition, behaviour, learning, and health. Alexandra will provide parents with valuable information and insights that will enable them to make informed decisions and offer the best possible care for their children.

Free admission. Interested parents can book their seats by calling 2106433128.

A few words about Alexandra Kappatou:

Alexandra Kappatou is a French University of Amiens graduate specialising in Clinical and Child Psychology. She is a Psychologist and Child Psychologist. After completing her studies in 1986, she returned to Greece and has been professionally active as a psychologist-child psychologist in Athens. Her primary interest lies in sharing information with the public on prevention besides treating mental problems. She has authored 11 psychology books and 11 diaries for parents and has edited two sex education books. Alexandra is a member of the Association of Greek Psychologists and holds the EUROPSY certification of the European Federation of Psychologists. With an impressive track record of conducting 78,000 sessions over the course of 37 years, she has earned the trust of thousands of individuals who have benefited from her clinical expertise.

*Registration is required at 6974802645 (Tuesday – Friday 11.00-19.00)

Educational program by the Windmill Theatre

October 22 & 29, at 12.00

Are you looking for a fun and educational program for your children? Look no further than the Windmill Theatre’s free interactive theatre game for children aged 7-10! It will take place on October 22 and 29 from 12:00 to 13:00 at the Athens Book Space, with the support of the Technopolis City of Athens Industrial Gas Museum. The theatre game is inspired by the popular children’s book series “Detective Cluj” by Jürgen Banscherus (Metaichmio Publications), offering plenty of opportunities for kids to participate and engage with young Cluj as the hero of the game, whom the great detectives of world literature are not happy with him taking their cases, and they decide to take action! Are you prepared to witness what’s about to happen?

Design / Implementation: Christos Christopoulos

For children 7-10 years old

* Book your seat at 6974802645 (Tuesday – Friday 11.00-19.00)

Classic Literature Book Club with Chrysa Spyropoulou

Wednesday, October 25, at 19.00

The Athens Book Space and METAICHMIO publications are hosting a fantastic event that you won’t want to miss. On Wednesday, October 25th, at 19:00, you’re invited to join the Classic Literature Book Club, coordinated by the talented author and literary critic Chrysa Spyropoulou.

METAICHMIO Publications introduced the Classic Literature Book Club back in September 2015, and since then, the Club has been meeting regularly once a month on Wednesdays. Until 2021, the meetings were being held at the premises of the Metaichmio, located at 118 Ippokratous Street in Athens. But as communication took place online throughout the pandemic, the Club decided to make this event accessible online as well.

During the meetings, the members have a great time discussing novels and short stories from Greek and foreign literature, as well as works from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Club offers an excellent opportunity for book lovers to come together and share their love for literature.

The Club will be hosted on Wednesday, October 25th at 19:00, at the Athens Book Space for the first time, allowing members to enjoy a new venue and experience a fresh atmosphere while discussing literature. Zoom participation will also be available for members in other cities or abroad.

The book selected for the October meeting is the novel “À Rebours” by the French writer Joris-Karl Huysmans (1848-1907), translated by Rita Kolaiti and published by Stereoma Publications in 2019.

*To attend online please contact events@metaixmio.gr or polychoros@metaixmio.gr

**For more information please visit: Book Clubs – metaixmio.gr

Educational program “If I Were a Book Too…”

Friday, October 27, at 17.30

Unleash the magic of literature with ‘If I Were a Book Too…’! Children aged 8-12, join us for free at the Athens Book Space on Friday, October 27, from 17:30 to 18:30 and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of books. Discover the different types of books, imagine the beautiful stories they hold and explore their secrets. In this narrative and visual creation workshop, you will transform into a book and explore the magical world of literature. Use this fantastic opportunity to uncover the wonders of reading and ignite your imagination.

Design / Implementation: Danae Mega

For children 8-12 years old

* Reserve your seat at 6974802645 (Tuesday – Friday 11.00-19.00)

Coming up soon at Eleftherias Park:

The City of Athens Arts Center is hosting an exhibit featuring drafts, documents, and works by Nasos Daphnis. The exhibition celebrates his historic project, City Walls (1969-1975), which he held in public spaces in New York. You’ll have the chance to see many of these unique pieces previously exhibited at the Richard Taittinger Gallery in NY from November 2022 to spring 2023. Make sure to mark your calendar and stay tuned for more updates on this incredible exhibit!.

Eleftherias Park

Eleftherias Park, located on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, has been transformed into a lively and interactive cultural centre. The City of Athens Arts Center, a modern exhibition space, the Athens Book Space, and five new themed gardens have been added to the park to provide a space for learning, gathering, and celebrating culture and history. Additionally, restoration of the Eleftherios Venizelos Museum is underway, and plans for the Museum of Anti-dictatorial Struggle are in progress to ensure the preservation of the city’s history for future generations. To stay updated, follow Eleftherias Park on Facebook and Instagram.

Looking for a modern space that fosters reading, meetings, relaxation, and events with a particular focus on books in Athens? Look no further than the City of Athens Book Space! Nestled in the greenery of Eleftherias Park on Vas. Sofias Avenue, the venue, offers free access to both printed and digital books for children and adults. You can also take advantage of 24-hour complimentary Wi-Fi, podcasts, meetings, author talks, book presentations, and more. This new cultural landmark of Athens, managed by the Technopolis City of Athens, is definitely worth a visit!More at athensbookspace.gr

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