City of Athens presents the new functional and easy-to-use


The new user-friendly portal of the City of Athens is now a click away. A modern and easy-to-use digital tool designed from scratch to meet the expectations of the citizens, professionals and visitors to the City of Athens.

A fresh look

The brand new is a modern digital tool, pleasant to browse and functional, replacing the previous outdated one after about a decade. The concept behind it is the ease of use, as the citizens access all information in a simplified way. This means that it is not necessary to know the municipality’s structure and services to ‘get’ the information one is looking for. The information is provided in a fast and straightforward way, with just a few clicks.

Through the “search” field of the home page, visitors can easily find all information related to the municipality, search for e-services such as issuance of parking cards for permanent residents, traffic control permits in the city’s inner ring, certificates of payment of Real Estate Tax for property transfer, etc. Furthermore, on the same site, one can find information on cultural events and programs curated by the municipality, as well as how to contact the relevant services for stray animals in Athens, etc.

The positive portal experience is further enhanced by organising essential information in specific thematic sections. Thus, users can easily find all the information on sports activities, cultural events, cleaning and recycling, green spaces and the environment, parking, health, children, the elderly, social solidarity, the disabled, lifelong learning, civil society, entrepreneurship and stray animals. 

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, on the occasion of the presentation of the City of Athens new website, stressed: “The new, modern portal of the City of Athens is another digital step forward on the part of the current municipal authority to meet the needs of the citizens. The municipality has to serve its citizens effectively. Therefore, everything we do aims to reduce bureaucracy, meet the needs of all Athenians and professionals, and make Athens part of the new digital era. Furthermore, the new portal contributes to transparency, thus “building” a better and more straightforward relationship between the municipality and its citizens. We invite Athenians to browse it and discover the possibilities it offers”. 

A new era in the daily relationships between the citizen and the City of Athens

In the friendly, digital environment of users can -now- either from their mobile phone or computer/tablet, easily:

– Issue certificates and attestations.

– Find all the online services provided by the municipality and those requiring physical presence.

– Make their appointments with municipal services online.

– Report a problem in their neighborhood.

– Be informed about the municipality’s cultural, sporting and recreational activities.

– Watch the City Council live and read the decisions that concern them.

– Learn about the obligations of municipal services.

– Be informed about the news of the municipality.

The new portal is interconnected with all the City of Athens websites so that all the information is gathered and easily accessible. Moreover, it will soon be available in English for foreign visitors to the city.

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