Whiskey Live Athens

Venue: Machine Works, Machine Works Courtyard, Warehouse

The world’s largest whisky exhibition at the Technopolis City of Athens on March 4-5.

Whiskey needs no rush or stress. It wants you to be relaxed, close the glass to your nose and discover its aromas slowly and steadily. When ready, take a full sip and keep it in your mouth without swallowing it immediately. Leave it for a few seconds until the glands are activated and feel every taste of uisgebeatha, as whiskey is called in the language of the Celtic Scots, meaning “the water of life”. Whiskey is not a quick drink. It’s a pleasure.

On March 4 & 5, join us at the Technopolis City of Athens in the most prominent international whiskey fair, Whisky Live. Whisky Live, currently organised in more than 30 cities worldwide, was launched in Tokyo and London in 2000 and is considered the world’s most significant and longest-running whiskey event.

Fans of this fine spirit in Greece will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy more than 100 unique labels that cannot be found in supermarkets or neighbourhood liquor stores and learn important information about this “liquid gold” in the masterclassesorganised by whisky sommeliers.

Whiskies will be divided by region. We will travel from Scotland to the United States, Ireland, and Japan, while we may come across some rare “diamonds” from other parts of the world where whiskey production is not so widespread. In addition to the main tasting event, there will be a VIP exhibition, where visitors can freely taste the most exquisite and expensive labels, ranging from 200 to 800 euros per bottle.

A Gin Garden has also been set up for Gin lovers, with unique Gin and Gin Tonic labels offered for tasting.

Furthermore, Cava Nektar will put up a liquor store where visitors to the exhibition can buy the whiskey labels they have tasted and premium bottlings at exceptional prices.

There will also be a cocktail corner, where excellent mixologists will prepare popular and favourite cocktails and more special ones. In the courtyard, a street food corner with delicacies will accompany your drink. DJ will play music, while the Blues Cargo band and internationally acclaimed musician Babis Tyropoulos will turn tasting into a party.

Unlike other festivals where attendants pay a fee to enter the showroom and then have to pay at each stand separately to taste the different whiskey labels, at Whisky Live, you only pay 25 euros, and you can taste as many whiskies as you want. However, for the VIP exhibition, the ticket is 50 euros, a fair fee, allowing you to taste rare, difficult-to-find whiskeys.

Advance ticket sales: Viva.gr

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