The Reverb Festival

On the last night of summer, under the full moon, the Market will be welcoming The Reverb Festival, which will take place from early afternoon, from 17:30 to 23:30. A sound installation will be set up especially for the event and renowned DJs of modern electronic music, such as George Apergis, Mr.M, Clubkid, DJ Gus, Nausicaä and Extase Urbaine will be performing.

The Reverb Sessions aim to highlight the authentic alternative culture of Athens through different art forms and performers, diversity and multiraciality. The contributors come from different genders, ages and sexual preferences and the intention is to highlight with the project, the power of unity.

In 2002 Modular Expansion created the Reverb Sessions, which were groundbreaking events for the Athens scene where the cream of Athens’ contemporary electronic music appeared, as well as renowned international artists. The highlight was in 2004 during the Athens Olympic Games when the Reverb Festival presented international artists of world renown. In 2022, in the Municipal Market of Kypseli, Modular Expansion in collaboration with Cannibal Radio, revived the philosophy of Reverb sessions and presented the Reverb Festival with great success. In 2023, Reverb Sessions collaborated with the City of Athens and, as part of the Athens City Festival, organized two Street Events in Gyzi Square and Victoria.

Free entrance

*An after party will follow at the B side

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