Concert with Costas Triantafyllidis & Andriana Babali

City of Athens Greek Music Workshop

All music enthusiasts prepare for some unforgettable moments with Kostas Triantafyllidis and Andriana Babali. The City of Athens Greek Music Workshop is proud to present an evening filled with inspired performances that will take you on a beautiful musical journey. You’ll be treated to the music of great Greek composers that meets the lyrics of poets, creating a powerful combination that will fascinate you. The artists will perform compositions by renowned composers, such as M. Hadjidakis, M. Theodorakis, S. Xarchakos, D. Savvopoulos, and others, as well as songs from their personal discography. Don’t miss out on this incredible music experience.

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Θέσεις περιορισμένης ορατότητας
Δ’ Ζώνη
Φοιτητικό, πολύτεκνοι, νέοι έως 25 ετών, άνεργοι, άνω των 65 ετών)
Διακεκριμένη Ζώνη
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