Project «Identity in Between»

City of Athens Arts Centre |  September 13 – September 18, 2022

The term “identity” is used today to describe features, choices and activities that allow us to identify ourselves, sometimes uniting us with or distinguishing us from others. At the same time, today, more than ever, we live in the era of identities, with the assumption that there is no single self and that identity is not something singular, solid and stable but something broad, pluralistic and flowing, opening up a wide range of discussions, revisions and new narratives.

In an attempt to explore the multiple terms (social, cultural, psychological) based on which identities are formed, the project – mini-documentary Identity in Between, based on a concept of Efi Spyrou, is presented as an installation on September 13-18, 2022, in the City of Athens Arts Centre by RUNONART and OPANDA (City of Athens CulturalSport and Youth Organization) in the framework of the three- year project Culture is Athens * and in coordination with the Office of Culture of the Mayor of Athens, inviting five Greek artists to create new multimedia performances and share their artistic work and ideas on the multifacetedness of our being.

In these works, Tzeni Argyriou touches on technology and human existence in the digital world, Marianna Kavallieratos explores the shoes of others in multiple journeys of everyday life, Virginia Mastrogiannaki, in Brunette touches on the issue of the different images by age and attempts a return to youth, Maria Sideri in Rhizhotomikon explores the limits of beneficialness and toxicity, based on the man-nature relationship, whereas, Eliza Soroga changes multiple professional identities in job interviews.

The multi-media performances were realized and filmed by the RUNONART team at the former Hellinikon Airport in October 2020, accompanied by interviews of the artists.

The whole project was initially presented at the MOMus-Museum of ContemporaryArt-Collections of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the State Museum of Contemporary Art in 2021 with the support of NEON Organization for Culture & Development and the Ministry of Culture and Sports and included in the parallel events program of the 23rd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

The project received an honorary distinction at the Video Art and Experimental Film Festival 2021, New York, was the official selection of the 26 best films at the AVIFF Cannes Art film festival 2022 in Cannes, France and was screened at the 12th Athens AVANT GARDE FESTIVAL 2022, at the Greek Film Archive in Athens.

Co-organizers: RUNONART, City of Athens CulturalSport and Youth Organization (OPANDA)

Production: RUNONART NGO

Project Concept – Film Direction: Efi Spyrou

Participating artists: Tzeni Argyriou, Marianna Kavallieratos, Virginia Mastrogiannaki, Maria Sideri, Eliza Soroga

Texts-Interviews: Haris Kanellopoulou, Paraskevi Tectonidou

Creative Film Group: Directed by Efi Spyrou

Director of Photography: Pavlos Mavrikidis

Assistant Director: SocratesMorphonios

Camera: Joe Kapralou, KostasGoulas

Photo: Emma Louise Charalambous

Sound: Jason Theophanou

Drone: AndreasPapanikolas

Production Director: HarrisMichalogiannakis

 Text Editing: Milena Panagiotova

Μake-up: Amanda

Make-up&Hair: Beehive artists | Anna Bakatsaki

Editing: Giorgos Alefantis

Coloring: MariosStylianou

Musical composition and sound design: DimitrisTsoukas

Subtitles | Audiovisualtranslation: Myrto Koromantzou

Poster design: Yiannis Mantzaris

Art-intervention for Tzeni Argyriou: Vassilis Gerodimos

Makeup for Maria Sideri: Vassiliki Kita

Props master for Maria Sideri: Socrates Papadopoulos

Costume design for Maria Sideri: Christina Lardikou

Interviews for Elisa Soroga: Roza Alxanati

Exhibition Visual Identity: Τypical Organization

Supporters: Katerina Koskina, Christoforos Marinos, Eva Rapti, Manos Georgakopoulos, Savvas Theocharakis, Spyros Karanassios, Marilena Lakioti, Athina Labropoulou, Areti Leopoulou, Christina Paraskevopoulou, Giannis Perrotis, Alexandros Stanas, Giorgos Zervidis, Christos Dogas, Isabelle Kountoure, Peter Hadersdorfer-Georgios Tsiogkas, Christina Rydberg, Paolo Marzano, Michalis Grylakis, Vasso Mustafatzis

Hat tip: AngelicaStavropoulou, Aris Kaparliotis, Arxontia Tampaki, Aspasia Maria Alexiou, Virginia Mastronaki, Giota Pektari, Eleni Kokou, Eleni Kostika, Eleftheria Rapanaki, Eftychia Tsakou, Efi Spyrou, Thanos Lekkas, Ioanna Tsami, Klementini Vounelaki, Kynthia Voucouvalidou, Maria Vsariotou, Maria Papadopoulou, Milena Panagiotova, Moschoula Vamvakari, Beti Santamouri, Sotiris Petropoulakis.

RUNONART is a non-profit initiative driven by artists committed to enhancing contemporary art, activating interdisciplinary synergies and helping local artistic communities reach international audiences. In addition, RUNONART inspires social change and stimulates public debate on current issues.

*The project was created in the framework of Culture is Athens, the three-year project announced by the Municipality of Athens, aiming to upgrade, highlight and unify the cultural fabric of Athens and practically support artists and cultural workers.

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