Pink Martini

Attention music lovers! The renowned Pink Martini band will be performing in Athens on June 26th at the Technopolis City of Athens. This eclectic group offers a diverse selection of songs from different parts of the world, spanning various genres and eras. From classic hits to new tracks from their latest album, Thomas Lauderdale Meets the Pilgrims, which showcases the band leader’s love for surf music and has been in the making since 1996. Lauderdale revisited the original recordings during the pandemic and made additions and changes, resulting in a complete and mesmerizing album.

Pink Martini is an exceptional band that consistently delivers unique and fresh concerts. Hailing from Oregon, USA, this large band has been adored by Greek audiences since their debut with “Sympatique” (Je ne veux pas travailler) and the “Children of Piraeus”. Their rendition of “Amado mio” has transported us to glamorous Hollywood, while “Una notte a Napoli” from Italy has charmed us all. It’s impressive how the band effortlessly blends diverse melodies in a tasteful and uncomplicated way. Formed in 1994 by pianist Thomas Lauderdale in Portland, Oregon, the band boasts musicians from various countries and musical backgrounds ranging from classical music to jazz and rock. In 1997, singer China Forbes joined the band, having previously worked with Lauderdale. Their performances and recordings create a magical atmosphere that is simply unmissable.

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