40 Years of Panx Romana

“Brothers and sisters, may we have the strength to fight, share, communicate and stand up for each other, meet with music that unites us, inspires us, heals us in a celebration unlike any other. Panx Romana


& brothers


PANX ROMANA, one of the most historic and timeless bands on the local music scene, are inviting us on a 40-years journey with freedom music stories from the “Disturbance of Common Quiet” until today. They will step onto the stage to celebrate their long career with their beloved brothers and sisters and an explosive sound show for restless children. Panx Romana are the sanctuary of the days of innocence of “naughty” youngsters from the 70s. The group comes from a generation that grew up during the dictatorship when the voices of freedom were silenced. Inspired by this dark period, Panx made their teenage dream true. They created a band with a strong voice and an attitude based on action.

In that way, the idea that was sparked by the punk movement in early 1977 became Athens’s first punk rock band, and changing their initial names, Stress, TVC & Video Games, in 1982, they became Panx Romana. The group is celebrating its 40th anniversary with its omnipresent original line-up.

Panx Romana and the fire is still burning… they didn’t break; they still believe; they still have something to say through their subversive lyrics… igniting resistance to the darkness of life.

Panx Romana, with their stormy music, sharp and meaningful lyrics and attitude, unite different generations through songs about equality, freedom, and humanity in an era that is falling apart. “Ideas and concepts attacked by the modern forms of power are passionately supported by a band that we now need more than ever.”

”It’s the power of conscious rock’n’roll living the dream even if it seems like utopia. As utopian as it is to win, is to be defeated, too,’‘ is Frank Panx‘s favourite quote.

The band’s name is a corruption of the Latin phrase Pax Romana, which means Roman Peace. Adding the n makes Pax sound like the plural of punk, so it could very freely translate to Roman punks.

The group made its debut in 1984 with the historical punk compilation “Disturbing the Common Quiet”, followed by “Children in Arms” (1987), “City Rebels” (1989), “Break the Line” (1993), “Nazis Raus” (1994 DIY), “Disorderly Conduct” (1996), “State Closed” (1999), “Pax Americana” (2016 DIY). Moreover, they have participated in many collections in Greece and abroad.

Panx Romana are the voice of those who refuse to grow up, believe in humanity, and dream of a world without borders, colours or races. They are the voice of those whose “principles are the law of a free people written in hearts with sky ink”,  those who say: “I am the nobody who does nothing, but I will become the Nobody who will do something”.

“If we were to design the cover of the Panx album “Break the Line” today, it would be the same. Almost 30 years ago, when we released the album, we considered plastic pollution a threat to our planet. Today climate change/crisis is here. Our earth is counting down.


Each album is accompanied by an issue of the ‘Yellow Press’, the historic Fanzine, a publication edited by Frank Panx. It all started from photocopies he distributed long before Panx Romana. Among other things, they refer to the grim, inhuman face of refugeeism, racism and xenophobia, the morbid effects of substance addictions, and the exploitation of animals by the ‘superior man’. At the same time, however, they speak of actions without hatred, rejecting violence in any form, and always driven by love for people, animals and the environment.

Panx Romana, in their countless concerts, have shared the stage with legends like the Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Adicts, Nikolas Asimos, Pavlos Sidiropoulos and many others. In recent years, their concerts include images, too, presenting explosive sonic spectacles with endless doses of adrenaline.

They participate in solidarity actions through the music collective “Antibodies“, the “Immigraniada Festival“, and the “Solidarity Network of Social Clinics“, contributing to the support of vulnerable groups directly affected by the difficulties we are experiencing as a society and individuals.

“Every music movement, every music scene, to survive and flourish, must have its home, the souls of uncompromising people. Let alone a highly reactionary, fringe movement like punk, which is as cruel and brutal as the

truth”. FRANK PANX

Frank Panx – Voice & Lyrics, Julio Panx – Bass & Music, Woody Panx – Guitar & Music, Dimitris Dimitrakas – Drums

Tune in to the Panx Romana frequency and their official page https://panx.gr/


and contact them



Instagram panxromana


Doors open 19:30 – The concert starts at 21:00

Early Bird: 10€* (The Early Bird offer is valid for a limited number of tickets)

Remaining advance ticket sales & box office: 12€

Tickets are available online from viva.gr


By phone: 11876

Physical Points of Sale

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(Wind, Public Stores, Media Markt, Evripidis Bookstores, Technopolis City of Athens, Yoleni’s)

Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2179388538876105

*Artwork: Tasmar

DATE : July 13, 2022 21:00

VENUE: Technopolis


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