Omonia Lovers: Photographic Exhibition

The Omonia Lovers photo group was created those who use their love of photography to observe Athens every day, starting from the historic Omonia Square that moves from morning to night.

“It all started ten years ago, when I was going down the stairs of the train in Omonia and I took a picture of two young people kissing on the stairs. I uploaded it to social media with the hashtag #омоноиа_ловерс. That’s it! It was the right moment to start a photographic group. So, some friends and I decided to show off our neighborhood through our photos. Moments of Athens, with Omonia at its center”.

The team of “Omonoia Lovers” consists of two photographers, a graphic designer, two artists, an illustrator and a translator. They use cameras with traditional film, digital cameras and mobile phones to capture what most people fail to see when crossing the center of Athens. Through photography, they capture this cultural space that is full of contrasts.

“I am a lover of photography. I use it everywhere, from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Sometimes, even in my dreams. Probably, I won’t be able to change things and situations in the world we live in. However, with some of my photos, I may raise questions and throw sparks. My lens sees the common, most of the time with an anthropocentric approach, but with my own perspective. Several onlookers notice immediately, others walk in the opposite direction and others stand still. The goal is for them to stop and look. Each image is like a child being born, unique, noisy, smiling, winking in time. The time it takes for the camera mirror to rise and which is enough for me to see myself facing the image”.

Coordination: Culture Office of the Mayor of Athens

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