A Night at the Museum – Gas Lightyear

For families with children 7-11 years old

The first “Night at the Museum” for 2023 is a fact! On Saturday, February 11, the Industrial Gas Museum invites families with children 7 to 11 years old to the Technopolis City of Athens for an unforgettable night full of mystery and a wild party to celebrate the museum’s 10th anniversary!

The popular event comes this time with… the “speed of light” under the title “Gas Lightyear”! The central theme is none other than “light”. Set against the backdrop of the first gas production plant, lighting Athens for more than 120 years, the participants will explore the magical power of light through theatrical play, experiments and exploration games. So, if you like mysteries, if the old factories fascinate you, and if you can see even in the dark, you definitely should not miss this “Night at the Museum” that will end with a big party!

We have a lot to learn about the party. We do not know the time, the building or the password needed to participate in the most epic party of the year… How will you get this information? You will have to go through a series of tests full of mystery! To do so, you need to follow the following steps:

Wear something shiny and come at 17:00 at the Industrial Gas Museum. You only have one mission: To successfully pass three tests that will give you the three hidden “keys” you need to participate in the museum’s birthday party. Can you make it?

Test number one:

Can the light of a torch pass through our bodies? If we turn off the torch, will our shadow continue to exist?

The first test of the evening includes a fun workshop of theatrical play and improvisation by the “Anemomiloi” theatre group inspired by the shadow theatre. What will we need? Darkness, a white cloth, a flashlight and our imagination! Young and grownups, through exercises and theatrical play activities, become familiar with the space and each other. They have fun playing with light and shadows. They discover themselves and others. They are acquainted with bright objects and express themselves creatively through improvisations and small theatrical events…behind the white cloth! Will you be able to solve the mystery of the shadow and go to the next test?

Test two:

Can the eye see all colours, or is it only sensitive to three? Does white really look white, or is it… colourful? How is a rainbow formed?

All the answers are hidden in a unique laboratory of experiments by the PLANET PHYSICS team of the Physics Museum. Young and grownups will experiment with microscopes, laser beams, prisms and lenses. Together they will be acquainted with the unique phenomena of reflection and refraction, discover the plasma ball and light their own lightsaber! Is that all? Of course not! In the end, the “strange scientist” will disappear before the eyes of the participants a glass rod, make an impressive explosion and set fire to his hand! Can you put out the fire and proceed to the last and most challenging test? 

Test three:

What country did Nikola Tesla come from? Who called him the “poet” of science? When was Thomas Edison born, and who was his biggest competitor?

The tests are completed with an exciting mystery game. The night has fallen for good, and the participants must solve the mystery surrounding the war of currents that changed the world. With the old gas plant as a natural backdrop, young and grownups will participate in an extraordinary exploration game for masterminds. Led lenses, hidden messages, locked padlocks, logic and math puzzles, magic potions, and magnifying glasses will all play their part in this final stage of the tests. Will you be able to pass the final test that will give you the “key” for the museum’s birthday party?

If so, a wild night of music, DJ sets, dancing, singing, light games, savoury snacks and many surprises will be there for you to enjoy! So are you going to miss it?


For families with children 7-11 years old When: Saturday, February 11,  2023

Hours: 17:00-21:30

Cost: €60 (child & accompanying person)

Meeting point: Innovathens Building

Information and reservations: 2130109325 (Monday-Friday 11.00-17.00)

 Limited number of seats. Please make your reservation by phone.

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