NotAlone OpenAir

With the aim of raising public awareness against femicide and gender-based violence and having Art as an ally, as an important force for social change, the City of Athens, in collaboration with the international cultural expression platform, ART HUB Athens, presents the outdoor group art exhibition #NotAlone OpenAir.

The exhibition is set on the pedestrian street of Vasilissis Olga until September 8 and is part of this year’s #NotAlone campaign – Campaign against all forms of Abuse of ART HUB Athens, aiming to send a loud message against gender violence.

Contributing to the aims of the action, the City of Athens granted the special stands on the pedestrian street to host the original works of the Greek creators who responded to the call of ART HUB Athens.

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, said on the occasion of the exhibition: “Every woman who is a victim of gender-based violence is one of our own people. She is our wife, our daughter, our mother. We support women-victims to find the strength to escape and through art we raise awareness among all of us to unequivocally condemn incidents of violence, but also to report them. Because indifference also kills”

According to the concept of the organizers of the Exhibition, “the crisis of values ​​that governs Greek society, the lack of education as well as the silencing of violence in general, are the main factors in the escalation of femicides in recent years. The list of victims is constantly increasing, while the survivors continue to experience overwhelmingly and on a daily basis, the psychological and physical trauma, which was caused by perpetrators who thought – and still think – that they possess their fellow man, as a material form. We must all together shake off the veil of silence and help with every means to suppress and prevent violence, which is physical, verbal and psychological”.

The Deputy Mayor of Deputy Mayor for Equality, Anti-Discrimination & Gender-Based Violence Policies of the Municipality of Athens, Anna Rokofyllou, emphasized: “Violence against women has reached pandemic proportions. This is a blow to our entire society. That’s enough! We intensify our efforts until the day you don’t need us anymore. Until equality in our society is taken for granted.”

The creators participating in the exhibition are: Elena Karanikolou (Missy Merida), Angeliana Koroniou (Foxy Lady), Eleftheria Makroglou Panousaki (Eleftheria Mak Pan), Maria Mylona (Rima Lyma), Yiannis Tzomakas, Niki Triantafyllopoulou (Nikia Manikia), Nikos Tsitsos.

It is noted that the space is accessible to people with disabilities.

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