The Little Paris of Athens (Petit Paris d’Athènes) 2022

This year’s theme: 1922, a pillar in today’s world

One hundred years after the Smyrna Catastrophe, we tend to realise its important legacy to our modern society.

Little Paris of Athens pays tribute to the culture of Ionia,  the ancient region on the western coast of Anatolia, acknowledging its impact on modern Athens and Greece. 

Smyrna’s cultural amalgam, whether in music or the rest of the arts, was a reference point for Anatolia and the Mediterranean in general. Its imprint, surviving to this day, extends from the Middle East to the edge of Europe. All those cultural aspects are a source of inspiration for our 2022 festival’s creative potential. This year’s festival features prominent personalities of the arts and letters, which can be seen on the festival’s official website: Throughout the years, the festival has highlighted and utilised public and private venues such as the National Conservatory, Angelon Vima Cultural Centre, Lux Music Stage former Acrobat, Beeraki and Typographos restaurants, Matchpoint gallery, the City of Athens Central library, Petang Park, the former Athens-Peloponnese railway station, Karaiskaki Square, Agios Pavlos Square, Maizonos pedestrian street, Vathi Square, Douroutis Square, large hotels in the area, 51st Primary School of Athens, etc. All relevant stakeholders have officially recognised the festival’s contribution to tourism, commercial development and social cohesion.

The festival revives culture and art in one of the most downgraded areas of Athens and gives young people the opportunity to young artists to present their work. For 2022, as in previous years, is co-organized by the Athens Art Network, the Region of Attica and the City of Athens Culture, Sports and Youth Organization (OPANDA).

The “Little Paris of Athens 2022” includes:

Free of charge, open concerts and other street happenings for children and grownups in public venues.

Indoor Concerts with low price tickets

Theatre performances

Art and photo exhibitions

Lectures-round tables

Freestyle football tournament for youngsters

Petanque Tournament

Educational programme for children about Smyrna and its history

Street painting – murals, adding to the neighbourhood’s legacy

Read more in LITTLE PARIS – PROGRAM 2022

https://mikroparisi. eu/

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