Night at the Museum: The Industrial Gas Museum celebrates Halloween with activities for the whole family

For families with children 7-11 years old Friday, November 4, 2022, | Booking required

What are the bats doing in the old gasworks? How did the pumpkins get to Old Retorts? What do treats have to do with… ghosts?

After its great success last year, “Night at the Museum” is back at the Industrial Gas Museum in the Technopolis City of Athens to offer children and grownups the most frightening night experience! Inspired by Halloween, the museum’s team, on Friday, November 4, has planned and organised a series of exciting and original activities for families with children between 7 and 11 years old. From 17.30 to 22.00, participants will experience a fun and highly…spooky evening full of games, dancing, exploration and many surprises inside the industrial monument that provided light to the city of Athens for more than 120 years!

Children will wear their scariest costumes and participate in an extraordinary and unexpected art workshop. Inspired by horror stories, they will compose a “dark” model of their own, using recyclable and other strange materials. But what about the grownups in the group? While the kids get creatively busy, parents will participate in Gas Mystery, a mystery and puzzle game in a Halloween version that offers a unique escape experience. The game is organised in a physical setting in one of the plant’s state-of-the-art buildings, the New Watergas. Will they manage to escape? The clock is counting down…

Is that all? Of course not. There is a fun body music workshop that follows. If our belly was a percussion instrument, what sound would it make? What about our fingers? Children and grownups, along with dance teacher NatasaChanta-Martin, will make strange sounds and spooky musical patterns with all their body parts, get rhythmically in tune, communicate better and discover the magical world of body music!

Then, it’s time for a break with delicious snacks that will provide the necessary energy for the most exciting treasure hunt ever. Everybody will have to visit the less-lit buildings of the factory with a map, and a flashlight, use their skills, speed, observation and a lot of imagination! They will have to discover puzzles and hidden information, “unlock” the secrets of the old factory through play and mystery riddles and tricks, and collect the strangest pumpkins!

Get ready for the most exciting night at the museum…


 Date: Friday, November 4, 2022 

Hours: 17.30-22.00 

 Meeting point: INNOVATHENS 

Cost: 60€ (accompanying person & child) 

Reservations & information: 213-0109325 (Monday-Friday, 11:00-16.00) 


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