Kypseli Jam: Drawing in the Market. With Pan Pan

The Municipal Market of Kypseli is hosting workshops to enhance our creativity, provide modern and enjoyable training, and help us discover our next occupation.

Comic artist PanagiotisPantazis is leading four meetings that are open to all. During “Kypseli Jam: Drawing in the Market,” Pantazis will teach participants how to create a comic book. Each meeting will consist of a theoretical portion where the artist will present his research, drafts, materials, and overall approach to comic creation, from conception to publication. The practical part will allow attendees to create their own drawings and comics through simple steps. No prior experience is necessary to join the workshop. So bring your enthusiasm, curiosity, and questions, and get ready to experiment and create!

An event, among others, aiming to bring colour, stories, and new experiences to the neighbourhood by reintroducing the Market.


11.05, 18.05, 25.05, 01.06



Venue: Creative Lab 1 (within the Municipal Market of Kypseli)

Tickets: €13 euros

Advance Sale:

*A  cashier will also operate in the building of the Municipal Market of Kypseli, one hour before the course starts.

Info: & 2130109300

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