«Sundays in Athens» by the City of Athens: More salt in the… Museum. The Food Kingdom

Industrial Gas Museum | The Food Kingdom 

Experiential educational program for children 4-10 years old by the team “Chronos: Culture Actions” (Credits: Despina Maragkoudaki- Alexandra Hasani- Sofia Papalouka)

Two servants are looking for a job. After a good breakfast and morning exercise, they arrive in the biggest kingdom in the world. But, being naive, they turn all the food in the pyramid kingdom upside down. Thus, a new war begins between fruits, vegetables and sweets! The Nutrition Queen notices them, and then things get difficult… Will children and servants be able to put the right food in the right rooms and learn about the food pyramid in this way?

Time: 13.00

Duration: 90′

Venue: “Miltiadis Evert” Amphitheatre, Technopolis City of Athens

Reserve your seat at 2130109325 (Monday-Friday, 11:00-17:00)

Free participation

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