«Sundays in Athens» by the City of Athens: More salt in the… Museum. Traditional grocery store «Zikos.»

Museum Education program for families with children 6-12 years old

The creative Pil-Poul workshop, motivated by the traditional grocery store of the exhibition “A journey to Athens” hosted at the Cultural Center “Melina”, invites children and grownups to initiate them to the dietary secrets of the early 20th century Athenians and inspire them to create the sign of an authentic, old Athens grocery store!

Time: 11.00

Duration: 60′


City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”

66 Heraklidon and Thessalonikis Streets, Thisio, 11851

Reserve your seat at 2103452150 (Monday-Friday, 11:00-14:00)

Free participation

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