Hauser | Rebel with a cello

Tuesday, September 19 & Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

HAUSER, a rock star…with a cello!

The highly acclaimed musician HAUSER, known for being one half of the famous duo 2Cellos, is set to perform in Athens as part of his “Rebel with a Cello” tour. Fans are excited to witness his unique and thrilling talent as he takes the stage for two performances at the prestigious City of Athens Lycabettus Theatre. His performance ceremoniously marks the reopening of the iconic venue.

HAUSER’s  concerts are indeed a one-of-a-kind experience, seamlessly blending explosive and high-energy performances with soulful and romantic melodies that genuinely showcase the artist’s complex and multifaceted style. Each concert is a masterclass in musicianship, with every note and chord expertly crafted to create a truly unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. From the powerful opening notes to the stirring crescendos and hauntingly beautiful ballads, a HAUSER concert is a must-see event for any fan of classical music or world-renowned instrumentalists.

Come and experience the magic of the “Rebel with a Cello” tour, where the talented and unconventional musician showcases his famous works alongside a third act of contemporary dance tracks from his solo album, The Player.

Get ready to groove and be amazed !

HAUSER is a musician who has broken away from the traditional classical, pop and rock music genres. He has gained an enormous following, performing in arenas worldwide. From his memorable rendition of Smooth Criminal to his role as a founding member of the 2Cellos duo, HAUSER has won the hearts of millions.

The stage presence of HAUSER is described as explosive, showcasing a one-of-a-kind blend of electric cello and fiery passion. His musical repertoire is incredibly diverse, ranging from Lady Gaga to Tchaikovsky and Shakira to Shostakovich. As a classically trained cellist, HAUSER has toured with Elton John and is known for captivating audiences with his dynamic interpretations.

Whether through collaborations with other living legends such as Andrea Bocelli or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, George Michael and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, or through his personal music video series, Alone Together, HAUSER amazes audiences with the sheer beauty of his music and constantly redefines its artistic boundaries.

HAUSER is a musician with a wide range of musical tastes, enjoying both classical and pop music. As a member of 2Cellos, he has travelled extensively, performing for various notable figures, including Pope Francis, American Presidents, Prince Charles (now King), and Queen Elizabeth. Thanks to his virtuosic and animated style, he has won over 21 first prizes in prestigious national and international music competitions.

In 2020, he debuted his initial solo album, CLASSIC, which topped the Billboard charts. To boost its popularity, he unveiled a magnificent set of music videos called Alone Together. In these videos, he performs songs from his album amidst the breathtaking scenery of his homeland, Croatia.

Have you heard of the Croatian cellist who has taken the world by storm?

HAUSER is a true phenomenon with over a billion audio streams and 4 billion views. He combines musical expertise with a captivating personality, bringing generations of music lovers together.

Discover the awe-inspiring musical talent of HAUSER!

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