Giannis Haroulis

Giannis Haroulis and his band are back after their big summer tour, to share songs, music and joy which is essential to all. Old and new songs will come as one, as if they were a company of friends who don’t  care about age, color and discriminations. Haroulis will carry us away with the songs we have loved and he will introduce us to his new songs from the album “Colibri” which is full of emotions and thoughts which aim to remind us that regardless the difficulties, when we share and communicate our strength multiplies.

Let’s meet on 12 September at Technopolis!

Together with him: Lefteris Andriotis, Vasilis Baharidis, Thanasis Dzingovic, Orestis Benekas

Sound: Panagiotis Rizopoulos-Nikos Konstantakis

Light design: Periklis Mathiellis


From 15€.

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