Foivos Delivorias «ANIME»

Foivos Delivorias, having released his last 8th series of songs, “ANIME”, last May, is preparing a unique concert to present them all on Tuesday, September 6, at the Technopolis City of Athens

But, he will not be on stage alone. He will be accompanied by old acquaintances like Sotiris Douvas, Kostis Christodoulou, Kostas Pantelis and Yoel Soto, and two great soloists who contributed with their touch and “anima” to ANIME: Fotis Siotas and ThodorisRello. And of course, the three music producers who, with Phoebus, have been searching for hidden sound rooms for the last decade: Vassilis Dokakis of ANIME and Christos Lainas of KALLITHEA, will play with the band live on stage. Regarding the sound, the producer of AORATOS ANTHROPOS, Yannis Petrolias, will support the quest. PanagiotisTsevrenis will specially design the stage and the lights, while Nefeli Fasouli will also be there with her exceptional voice. Apart from the ten songs of ANIME, the multi-member group will present brand new versions of Phoebus’ songs from his entire discography. Don’t miss this exceptional performance. Be the first to listen live and sing the ANIME song with their creators.

Management / Production: PROSPERO,

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