Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito is coming to Athens for a unique, long-awaited concert. The award-winning artist can easily be described as a musical phenomenon, as it seems that he came to give the kiss of life to his beloved blues, redefining, through his inspired and genius playing, the sound of the entire genre. Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz made his debut in 1996, releasing the album X Factor as Xavier, honoring his love for the thriving R&B scene, always leaning towards his blues and funk roots. However, it took him several years to get back into the game again, in 2014. A near-fatal accident left him in a coma for three weeks, contributing to his years of absence. However, his re-emergence in 2014, with his self-titled debut album as Fantastic Negrito, introduced a new musical venture called “black roots music for everyone”, grafting his R&B background with the New Orleans’ electrifying blues, the sing-along choruses of funk, and the sounds of traditional black music. Negrito received rave reviews, and his audience began to grow.

His subsequent two albums, The Last Days of Oakland (2016) and Please Don’t Be Dead (2018), established him as one of the hottest names in the global scene, even earning him two Grammys in the Blues category. Two years later, Fantastic Negrito released another music gem, Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? which made it to the list of top albums of the year. How Long is still adored as one of the most beautiful songs of recent years.

Fantastic Negrito will walk onto the Technopolis stage on Monday, July 18, offering an electrifying blues music experience to the lucky ones to join him.

The only question to be answered is the following: Are you ready to lose your mind

Ticket prices: 28€ | Advance Ticket Sales:

DATE : July 18, 2022 21:00

VENUE: Technopolis


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