A love without intention

The author Rene Styliara in collaboration with the photographer Nikos Zikos and Ηartini Poli publications, invite you on November 1-3, 2022, to the photo exhibition of her new book “A Love without Intention”, presented in the Machine Works of Technopolis City of Athens. The photos come from Rene’s newly released book, “A Love without Intention”, made of manuscripts, figures and shadows in love. This time Rene decided to dress naked bodies with her lyrics. For the project, everyday people with charming imperfections accepted the photographic lens to capture their truth and emotion. The idea of creating and publishing this poetic journal and creating a photo exhibition arose from Rene’s need to fuse her writing with another kind of art: seductive but off-limits to her until that moment. So, her paths crossed with the excellent photographer Nikos Zikos. 

You are all invited to experience this journey from unintentional love to the consciousness of love.

Presentation of the book “A Love without Intention”: November 2, 2022 Time: 19:30

Free Admission

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