A single theme. Vlassis Frissiras

Painting Exhibition/ Vlassis Frissiras

Exhibition Duration:  January 30, 2023 –March 4, 2023

Exhibition hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 – 20:00, 

The exhibition will be closed on Mondays 

Free Admission

In 2020, the Frissiras Museum was forced to suspend its operation, so Vlassis Frissiras began painting familiar faces. Soon, he realized that female figures prevailed in his painting quests as multiple presences, sometimes tangible and earthy, and occasionally enigmatic, imaginary, and inaccessible, but also as a psyche and a source of emotion. Thus, through the adventure of composition, creation and colour, he sought to express himself and offer his personal glimpse into the various aspects of femininity.

Art historian Vasiliki Vagenou writes in the exhibition catalogue: “Painting is a form of temptation even for its most devoted initiates. How does a profound connoisseur of Painting and perception, who crosses over to the other side and starts painting himself, resist the imitation of the great artists before him? How does he manage the influence of the painting experience in general and his contact with works of contemporary Greek and foreign painters, which he has been admiring, supporting and acquiring as a collector for about fifty years?”

Frissiras himself says: “I have bought thousands of paintings. I have created a unique world that I eventually put on the edge of my mind, and then I began to develop my personal painting universe from scratch.

Every Saturday from 12:00 to 14:00, Vlassis Frissiras will be at the exhibition talking to visitors. The proceeds from selling the exhibition catalogue will be used to maintain the Technopolis facilities.

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