We have met before. KaterinaChristidi

April 27–June 18, 2023

The City of Athens presents the first museum exhibition of Katerina Christidi at the City of Athens Art Gallery from April 27 to June 182023. The exhibition, titled We have met before, is organized by the City of Athens Culture, Sports and Youth Organization and includes a selection of paintings from 2005 to date.

KaterinaChristidi’s exhibition at the City of Athens Art Gallery includes large charcoal drawings on canvas, sketches of the artist’s everyday experiences, preparation drawings, “telephone drawings”, some oil paintings and a composition with 3D paper figures. The exhibition’s title eloquently depicts the experience of seeing Christidi’s works. The spaces she paints are enigmatic and inaccessible. The artist creates images that are difficult to classify through successive layers and overlays, engravings and folds. Archaic, elementary figures appear in multiple works without being sure they are identical. After many doubts and back and forth, one concludes that what one sees is a game of balance between the conscious and the subconscious, the real and the imaginary. 

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