Athens City Festival: Underground Athens. Shelters and Catacombs

Athens City Festival: Underground Athens. Shelters and Catacombs, 7/5 και 21/5.

Underground Athens has many surprises. We’ll trace the remains of World War II in underground shelters below the busy streets. We’ll see catacombs with ancient aqueducts, the ruins of Roman baths and Byzantine ossuaries, as well as the invaluable objects burried with the dead in their crypts.There are streams flowing through old channels under the most central streets, and an ancient hatch on the side of the road that reveals stairs to a forgotten corner of the city. We invite you to discover together the hidden secrets of our city with speleologist Panagiotis Deuterios as your guide. Tours are available in Greek or English.

Duration: 4-5 hours Time: 10:30.

Location: the starting point will be communicated by email to participants upon booking.

The detailed program in Greek and English can be found at:

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