Athens City Festival: Urban Art Project Athens. Lights of the City

Discover the Athens City Festival’s Urban Art Project Athens: Lights of the City photography exhibition, exclusively dedicated to Athens, from May 26 to 31 at the Kypseli Municipal Market. 

The participating photographers, inspired by their feelings, have masterfully captured the very essence of the city, showcasing everything from its bustling main streets to its most hidden alleys, stunning sunsets on the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill, and even the city’s vibrant nights full of diverse emotions, from joy and entertainment to sadness and meditation. 

The exhibition boldly aims to convey Athens’ unique and authentic character to the world, showcasing the city’s entire spectrum without any idealized image. 

UAPA also ambitiously promotes Athens as an unrivalled tourist destination. 

Participating artists showcasing their printed or digital photos:

Lilia Agathou, Kimon Axaopoulos, Emmanuela Argyropoulou, Artemis Giannopoulou, Giorgos Guizaris, Antonia Dimopoulou, Dimitris Diamantis, Spyros Domazakis, Thanos Beast, Elena Kalapothakou, DimitrisKalyvezas, SpyridoulaKamperi, KaravolosDimitris, Karkatselis Vasilis, Christina-Alexia Kapsalaki, Nikolas Kokovlis, Lydia Kolivinou, Antonia Kounia, Dimitris Koutsodimos, Alexandros Konstantinidis, Aggeliki Konstantara, Kostas Kronteras, Efi Laskari, Gregory Londos, Evangelos Loutriotis, Christina Mavropedi, Vasileiou Meletis, Mina Skiada, Catherine Bazina, Alexandra Baousi, Mary Palaiologos, Marisella Papapetropoulou, Alexandros Pavlou, Thodoris Rigos, Samartzi Angeliki, Dimitris Simos, Fivos Stampoliadis, Christina Topi, Chrysanthi Amantou, Haris Deligiannis, Alex Magentio, Aristotel Nikolli, Julia X (Hatzikostaki)

By visiting the Kypseli Municipal Market or browsing the digital version of the UAPA exhibition, you can witness the breathtaking photos that brilliantly capture the diverse and lively essence of Athens.

The exhibition constantly evolves as talented artists continue contributing their work to the collection. Now, you can conveniently access the latest additions and view the same awe-inspiring photographs online. Simply visit

The collection encompasses all things that showcase the distinct character of Athens, ranging from its landscapes and events to its people and their expressions.

The exhibits are thoughtfully organized into the following categories:



Urban Landscapes

City plans

Street Art/Street Scenes




Athens is a vibrant city, particularly in its central areas where the pace of life is fast. The streets are always bustling with activity, and the atmosphere is both colourful and occasionally drab. The people, their clothing, and their reactions are all indicative of the city’s lively character. Whether through storytelling, photography, or videography, capturing these moments allows for the emotions and energy of the city to be preserved over time.

The people who inhabit a city shape it, just as the city shapes its inhabitants. In that sense, UAPA aims to examine and understand the relationship between Man, Art, and City as a continuous cycle.

From Athens to Barcelona

The next destination is Barcelona, where UAPA plans to showcase a miniature version of Athens and promote it as a unique tourist destination to people worldwide.

Iannis Pantazidis, a professional with a Master’s in Arts and Cultural Management, oversees the exhibition.

Opening hours: 12:00 -21:00

Kypseli Municipal Market:  42 Fokionos Negri Str.

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