Athens City Festival: Pop Up Ice Cream Market

Ready for a tasty adventure? Discover Greek ice cream at its best at a unique pop up event in the Kypseli Municipal Market.

Dairy is one of the most beloved treats in Greece, from pioneering techniques and inventive flavours to a wide range of traditional recipes. Ice cream is reaching new heights in Athens, and you’ll have the chance to try 8 of our most beloved producers all in one place. Explore the colorful stalls and try the unique flavors scooped by: Django Gelato Athens, Epik Gelato, Kassandra Ice Cream, Kokkion, Le Greche, Maraboo Ice Cream, Ninnolo Gelato, Oggi Gelato

You’ll find plenty of unexpected flavors and tremendous creativity from classic and upstart producers who will spark nostalgia and delight.

The detailed program in Greek and English can be found at:

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