In Action – 15 Years Anser

The Spartan rapper who loves to set the Athens concert scene on fire is inviting his faithful audience for a night full of “flash-backs” and “flash-forwards”, joined on stage by Vevilos, Xplicit, Buzz, Novel 729, Tiny Jackal and Andri J.

“I once said when I was 30, ‘What? I’m not going to give concerts at my 40s”. And now, how can I put it. I feel like I’m starting right now; this is my moment; I have so many years ahead.”

It was Friday, June 30, 2006, when Anser appeared for the first time on the small stage of “Afterdark” in Exarchia, with “Flowjob”, his band, singing the first lyrics from “Pay attention and feel awe”. Fifteen years, 364 days and 23 hours later, he continues to do what he loves and invites his friends and fans to a concert experience.

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, he will walk onto the stage of Technopolis for an anniversary performance dedicated to his past and future. He will be joined on stage by Vevilos, Xplicit, Buzz, Novel 729, Tiny Jackal and Andri J, well-known fellow artists. Leaving an indelible mark, their concert is expected to raise the bar in the Greek hip-hop scene.

Anser became famous when he first participated in the FlowJob band. After two album releases with the band, For Free (2006) and Freeload (2007), Anser released his first solo album “Iθύνων Nους” (2008). His lyrical talent, combined with the complexity of meanings and flow uniqueness, made him stand out in the underground scene.

He collaborated with Logos Apeilh on the album’s 1% (2015) release and continued with top producer Eversor. The dynamic and passionate duo has released two albums so far, Flow Royal (2013) and Adyto (2019), both loved by the Greek Hip Hop community and his loyal followers. In 2021 he organized his biggest hip hop concert, with Vevilos joining him on stage, while his singles became great hits.

Anser is an artist who believes in the idea of laconicism. He doesn’t blather. He says what is needed to be told when required. True to his ideas and ideals, he has worked hard over the years to perfect his technique and lyrics to mesmerize the audience. On Thursday, June 30, 2022, he will perform live on the Technopolis stage in a concert not to be missed. Information:

In Action – 15 Years Anser

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DATE: June 30, 2022, 20:00

VENUE: Technopolis


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