The Allah-Las, an adored band amongst Greek audiences, will unquestionably perform a remarkable concert at the Technopolis City of Athens. After a four-year hiatus, they will grace us with a night of 60s-inspired beats infused with dreamy, vibrant psychedelia on Saturday, September 16th.

Allah-Las’ music has gained widespread acclaim from the international music scene, endearing them to their Greek fans. Their concerts feature a unique aesthetic that pays homage to the surfers, beatniks, and psychedelic era. Their blend of psychedelic and lo-fi rock, influenced by The Kinks, The Yardbirds, and sometimes Buffalo Springfield, is a testament to their musical prowess.

Hailing from the west coast of Los Angeles, the Allah-Las have expertly captured the carefree essence of California life while maintaining a vintage pop aesthetic and ethereal harmonies. Their unique sound has been praised by Clash magazine, stating, “The Allah-Las sound like a sunny photo from the 60s if that photo could sing.” Their latest album, “LAHS”, showcases their maturity and experiences over the past few years, incorporating elements of disco, soul, and Latin music to create a lively and diverse atmosphere.



(+ international opening act tbc)

Saturday, September 16 – Technopolis City of Athens

Ticket Price: Early Bird € 27, seated €32

Advance ticket sales:


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