2nd Nevronas FESTival

Feel the Art… your Own way!

“Art, if you ask it, does not know what a disability is” Theodoros Daskalakis, painter.

Imagine being able to fully experience and participate in an Inclusive Performing Arts and Artistic Interaction Festival without any limitations or restrictions.

How would you feel about being a part of a community that embraces diversity and eliminates all forms of segregation and discrimination?

Picture yourself having the capability to provide insights on important topics like equal access to the arts, the experiences of disabled artists in their professions, and the definition of accessibility and inclusion. How would you feel about expressing your thoughts on these topics?

Save the date! October 5-8, 2023, is when the 2nd Nevronas Festival – Inclusive Performing Arts and Artistic Interaction Festival will take place at the Technopolis City of Athens. Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience filled with Theatre, Music, Dance, Exhibitions, Cinema, Workshops, Performances, Speeches, and Discussions.

You are all invited to explore and enjoy it all in your own unique way!

The upcoming four-day Celebration is an inclusive event that welcomes individuals of all abilities to partake in and enjoy the arts and culture. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in various activities, engage in meaningful discussions, and experience firsthand how the arts can bring joy and enrichment to our lives.

More than 100 people will make sure to make your experience unique.

Over 200 artists invite you to enjoy their works.

Sixty-five events catering to children and adults are at your disposal, providing a chance to enhance your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Don’t waste any time… Book your ticket now!

For more information, please visit the Nevronas FESTival website

Because Inclusion is a crucial aspect of our social and cultural world!!

Nevronas FESTival ensures equal access for all attendees by collaborating with Accessibility Services, including ATLAS E.P., HandsUp, and Liminal. Interpreting in Greek Sign Language, live supertitling, and audio description are provided during the festival.

Accessibility in the built environment is ensured by AccessLab – Mapping solutions for disability.

Sponsors: Dimoulas SA, Special Cables | Biokosmos Moriaki S.A.

Supporters: Alpha Bank | Athenian Brewery S.A.| Technopolis City of Athens | Vodafone

Website: https://nevronas.gr & festival.nevronas.gr

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