After their exceptional performance last year, 1000 mods are back for an unforgettable live show on Saturday, September 10, at the Technopolis. The band is packing up its stuff, preparing to present its latest masterpiece, Youth of Dissent, for the first time. Inspired by the underground Greek scene, 1000mods «brighten up» their vintage musical influences to create the timbre of Super Van Vacation, destined to become one of the most beloved rock albums of the last decade. Their next musical journey hid trippy and psychedelic Vultures that poured out of their orange speakers and toured all over Europe, which welcomed one of the most up-and-coming bands in this genre. Repeated Exposure to… was destined to confirm that 1000mods are the frontrunners of the Greek scene, turning all eyes on them. The band toured in America and Australia in 2019, giving some of the most important concerts in their career. Youth of Dissent coincided with the changes brought by the pandemic, making Mods more mature than ever, leading them to find inspiration in their beloved 90s and Seattle. The rave reviews and popularity of Youth of Dissent made our eagerness to see the 1000mods on stage even more intense. Therefore, on Saturday evening, September 10, we will all be at Technopolis City of Athensfor their comeback concert. A few months earlier, the band’s Super Van went on a European concert tour, visiting 31 cities, starting from London on April 29.


Tickets cost €15 (including the cost of the online ticketing service)

Advance Ticket Sales: www.viva.gr

Contact: press@highpriority.gr

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