Athens City Festival: The city’s most fantastic spring festival!

The Festival will take place in May (01 – 31/5), offering cultural, entertainment, sports and gastronomy events for the Athenians and visitors to the city.

The Athens City Festival is implemented following a pioneering cooperation of the Athens Development & Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) with groups and institutions of the city: Public and private museums, galleries, cultural organisations, civil society groups, musicians, singers, educators, among others, participate in this particular spring celebration.

Happenings for all

A picnic at Plato’s Academy and the Epigraphic Museum, astronomical tours of the mythical hills of Athens, exploration of the City’s underground tunnels and shelters, skateboarding tournaments, open-air cinema screenings in parks, street parties, DJ sets in the most unexpected places, guided tours in squares, streets and museums of the City, concerts and bike rides and many more for children and grown-ups, are all part of the Festival. In addition, young and acclaimed artists will guide us along the vibrant and springtime Athens.

In a statement, Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis said: “The Athens City Festival is an occasion for Athens to celebrate spring. We are all invited to enjoy a month of events across the City – where the City, cultural organisations, creative groups, artists and communities of the capital join forces to promote and share its rich culture and have fun! A festival for all ages, moods and preferences, which after last year’s success, counting more than 50,000 visitors, has become a tradition.

The Athens City Festival is implemented by ADDMA.

The Athens Development & Destination Management Agency (ADDMA), which has undertaken the implementation of the Athens City Festival, made an open call to all organisations and institutions related to culture, artists and creative groups of the city to either propose new ideas for the festival or actively participate in it. As a result, an outward-looking, open program of more than 200 high-quality events will be presented throughout the city.

The detailed program in Greek and English can be found at:

The 12 “highlights” of the Athens City Festival

Athens Urban Picnic at Plato’s Academy, 1/5

Cinematic Orchestra at Kotzia Square, 6/5

From Earth to Heaven, Observatory, 4/5, 11/5, 18/5, 25/5

Underground Athens, Shelters and Catacombs, 7/5 and 21/5

Urban picnic on the pedestrian street of Tositsa, 14/5

Kutiman live, French Institute, 15/5

Greek cinema nights, 22-25/5, ParkoEleftherias

Chores, 24/5, Byzantine Museum

Flare the Square: Skateboarding Contest, 27/5, Kotzia Square

Walk around the National Archaeological Museum, 27/5

Pop Up Ice Cream Market, 28/5, Kypseli Municipal Market

Street Outdoors Party, 28/5, Lycabettus Parking Area

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