[APP] Vision / Mission

We make Athens a capital of culture, creation, cooperation.

The Municipality of Athens recognizing the importance and life-giving power of Culture, presents a unified and complete cultural program with the cooperation of all institutions serving culture and creative learning. Culture becomes effortlessly part of our daily life , changes and improves our lives.

The Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis , characteristically states: “Athens is going through its cultural restart through the implementation of a plan that is being implemented for the first time in the city. A program that invests in the people of culture, in our cultural capital and in its expansion. The goal, in the coming years, is to support them workers in culture and create the conditions that will give opportunities and space for new ideas and new places of artistic expression in the city . We turn on the lights of culture in Athens again “.

Our goal is to make culture accessible to everyone, young and old in every neighborhood of Athens . We embrace artists, cultural workers, creative professionals, cultural institutions and together we create the canvas, a field of networking, exchanges, substantial interaction between them, while utilizing the synergies of culture with other sectors, opening new opportunities for the city.

With high quality spectacles and auditions, with regular collections and periodical exhibitions in the museums of the city, with educational and cultural programs for children and adults, with festivals and international events, with partnerships and synergies with the cultural institutions of the city, we create the conditions that give rise to experiences of visiting the city.
We place Athens in the center of the world cultural map as a fertile field of creative processes, a center of creative economy, a modern city for its inhabitants and visitors from Greece and abroad.

In this context, the Municipality of Athens designs and implements, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture Sports and the Attica Region, the three-year plan “Culture is Athens” with the aim of upgrading, highlighting and integrating the cultural fabric of the city. Through this, we develop a network of culture that unites the different aspects of Athens, the modernized structures with its ancient and modern monuments, we chart new routes.

We are changing the cultural map of Athens. We are changing the city itself.

We are implementing a unified cultural program for the Municipality of Athens.

-We strengthen and open in the city the events that are already taking place while we design new ones from the whole range of arts (music, dance, theater, cinema, visual arts, architecture, book), investing in modern tools and utilizing them new technologies.

-We are upgrading the infrastructure and highlighting the building stock of the Municipality of Athens. We open historic buildings that until now were closed, we create new museums for the city with a focus on the visitor and we re-exhibit important collections adopting a modern approach, compatible with the latest international trends. We are evolving the galleries, libraries and cultural spaces that are already operating and creating new, open and fully accessible, cradles of culture in Athens. We give life again to favorite theatrical scenes of Athens while we continue the successful -from the partnership OPANDA and Technopolis- operation of the Olympia Municipal Musical Theater “Maria Callas”.

-We design and implement modern educational programs for everyone, children, teenagers, adults, schools & amp; families in the new museums but also in the renewed cultural spaces.

-We continue, at the same time, the highly successful educational program “The child, the city the monuments

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