The Athens Science Festival is back

After three long years, the Athens Science Festival (ASF) is back with live events, ready to take us on a trip to the Future – the Worlds of Tomorrow!

From October 21 to 23, 2022, the Technopolis City of Athens will host the capital’s leading scientific event, which since 2014 has brought the latest developments in the fields of Science, Technology, Innovation and Art. 

The ASF 2022 organizing committee, inspired by Foresight, the strategic exploration of different possible futures, and the opportunities and challenges they could create, decided to “delve into” the “Worlds of Tomorrow”. The Festival, with its various science-based happenings, will connect us to “Tomorrow” and highlight how the scientific study of the past and present can shape and shield the Future.

You are all invited to participate in and plan the ASF 2022 visitors’ event experience, giving priority to themes that focus on the following scientific areas:

Climate Change | Digital Transformation | Rapid Technological Developments | Artificial Intelligence | Urbanization | Demographic Change | Resource Management | Health | Robotics | STEM Education | Sustainable Development | Art

Besides the above, a sea of topics from sciences and humanities will be presented in an understandable, attractive and interactive way by the most important and renowned representatives of the academic, research and educational fields. After all, this is the main objective of the Athens Science Festival, the country’s largest Science and Innovation Festival.


The festival is organised by the educational organisation “Science Communication – SciCo”, the British Council and the Technopolis City of Athens in collaboration with several academic, research and educational organisations.


The festival targets different audiences: children, teenagers and adults.


To participate in the ASF 2022, please submit your proposals by filling in the online form here.

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