Giant mural realized by the Municipality of Athens 

γυμναστικός σύλλογος αθήνα

The largest mural ever realized by the Municipality of Athens adorns a 1.100 square meters external wall of the Panellinios Gymnastikos Syllogos in the city’s heart.

In the frame of its public murals project, the Municipality chose the external walls of a historical site, the oldest sports club in the country, inviting eight talented street artists to create an impressive mural – both in size and aesthetics – inspired by sports ideals.

So, the walls of Mavromataion and Evelpidon streets were painted in vivid colours, thus upgrading a central point of the city, a true landmark abandoned for years.

In the space allotted to each of the artists, a piece of art was created that, as a whole, underlines the long history of sport in Greece and its importance in man’s physical and mental health. 

Soteur, Tzomakas, Bassment Rats, Cacao Rocks, Kez, Volkov, Giannakopoulos and Gospel are the eight street artists who collaborated to create this unique work of art on a wall. The mural captures “fair play” and sportsmanship, paying homage to the past and sending solid messages for sport’s bright future.

The project was coordinated by the City of Athens Cultural Office of the Municipality of Athens under the supervision of Katerina Koskina and implemented in collaboration with Art Hub Athens.

The paints for the mural -a total of 812 litres- were provided by KRAFT Paints through the City of Athens Adopt your city” program.

The entire mural will be covered with anti-graffiti material to avoid future damage.

The project was implemented in the framework of Culture is Athens.


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